Horror Space Disaster Made A City ‘evaporate’

Scientists said, Tall El-Hammam 3,600 disasters made a city 'evaporated' due to a giant bandage, rushing at a rate of 61,000 km / hour on the earth. Newly revealed the truth about Tall El-Hammam 3,600 disaster before, a city was "evaporated" by a space rock, rushing at a rate of 61,000 km / hour on the earth. The book then exploded into a large fireball 4 km from the ground. The explosion brought the power greater than the American atomic bomb dropping down Hiroshima (Japan) to 1,000 times. The city of Tall El-Hammam was shocked when staring at it, hundreds of people were immediately blind Far

. The air temperature quickly increased to over 2,000 degrees C. Clothes and wood immediately caught fire. Noung, spear, mud bricks and ceramics began to melt
Almost immediately, the whole city caught fire. A few seconds later, a big shock wave hit the city. Move at a speed of about 1,200 km / hour - it's stronger than the worst tornado ever recorded in history. The dead breeze ripped the city, destroying all buildings. None of the 8,000 people or any animals in the city surviving - their bodies are torn and their bones explode into small pieces. About the next minute, 22 km west of Tall El-Hammam , Wind from the explosion came to Jericho city on the East Coast of Jordan River. Jericho's walls collapsed and the ground was burned down. The most noticeable evidence records the terribleness of the impact of "shock quartz" in Tall El-Hammam, a mineral only created under pressure The productivity is equivalent to set 68 tanks on a thumb. As a "fake" diamond formed when wood and plants are compressed and fired by a horrific pressure and temperature. Years ago, when archaeologists observed the excavations of the city of ruined, they could see a thick layer of about 1
5 meters of coal, ash, melt mud tiles and baked pottery. It was an intense fire storm that destroyed this city for a long time. This dark range is called the destruction layer (destruction layer). 1.5 meters thick demolition matrix also shows rare characteristics in the above strata or below it. It seems that the culprit caused the Tall El-Hammam disaster is a small asteroid similar to The asteroid destroyed 80 million trees in Tunguska, Russia in 1908. And the culprit at Tall El-Hammam is a much smaller version of the giant meteorite with kilometers crashed into the earth and pushes dinosaurs Extensive 65 million years ago. The horrifying horrifying events from the air have been transmitted with oral over generations until it is recorded into the story in the Sodom Bible. You can watch the video: Africa NASA executive dropped the mirror outside the universe. Source: VTV. Content (T.H)

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