Hoshizaki Aims To Increase Refrigerators And Freezers In Africa

Hoshizaki Corp. kitchen equipment manufacturer. Looking for ways to increase 4 times the sales of refrigerators and freezers for enterprises in Africa for 5 years, including products from subsidiaries in India instances.0: 00/1: 4 male home products of the house Production of Japanese famous kitchen equipment Hoshizaki Corp. Source: Hoshizakihoshizaki has built sales channels in some African countries including Kenya, South Africa, Uganda and Togo (Tokyo), hoping to promote export to this continent thanks to the growth of Chi Branch in Kenya's Nairobi capital, operated by Western Cold Pvt

. According to an official of the company, Hoshizaki is based in Toyoake, Aichi Prefecture, Central Japan, to increase sales in Kenya and play market development elsewhere in Africa.Hoshizaki, started exporting products to Africa in 2009, bought Western Cold in 2013.Western Cold established a branch in Africa, taken by Hoshizaki Western Africa, in November 2020
This company is selling products under Hoshizaki and Western brands in Africa, mainly for local beer firms and other beverage manufacturers ./. Minh Trang (According to Kyodo )

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