‘hospital Playlist 2’ Episode 4: Ik Jun – Song Hwa Progressed Markedly, Jun Wan Broke Because Of Ik Sun’s Words

Episode 4 In Part 2 of 'Hospital Playlist' continues to bring colors of different emotional levels. While the relationship of the IK JUN boat began to have positive changes, Jun Wan and his girlfriend IK Sun changed badly. Jeong Won - Gyeol UL continued to "show a love" when eating cake together Spicy rice with "Spicy rice cake passion", Jeong Won (Yoo Yeon Seok) gave a teddy bear for Gyeo ul (Shin Hyun Bin) made her happy to face. Everyone can realize, both are immersed In the enzyme. Meanwhile, Min Ha's unilateral affection (Ahn Eun Jin) for Seok Hyeong (Kim Dae Myung) is unintentional with IK Jun (Jo Jung Suk) when the rice cakes together are Make this "merit" continue to plan the assignment for both

. "Spicy rice cake passion" "Take the steamed eggs of Tui for Crush" out and then nhkey a child "long legs "Jeong Won and Seong Hwa (Jeon Mi Do) continue their high journey when together plan to arrange a property for the guardians of the remote patients, helping them have their reservations during waiting time. The house is treated. Jeong Won is not When he revealed to Seong Hwa and Ik Jun his biggest dream was to build a pediatric hospital
As a result, "Buddha" Ahn Jeong Won! It seems that Song Hwa has a few changes after the conversation with the eye viewing object in the previous episode. The relationship between her and Ik Jun was more natural, there was no embarrassment when he was like before. She was also more active with him, it seemed like Song Hwa decided to let everything naturally follow. The very simple moments of Ik Jun-Seong Hw couples, which made Fan Ship Jun-Hwa boat like that Is in a scene when both strolls on the hospital campus, Song Hwa "humming" Sechskies' couple post. Is this a sign that she acknowledged her feelings for him? She suddenly sang the singing, causing Ik Jun suddenly to walk in the afternoon of the helpless face of the doctor before "Golden Voice" Chae Song Hwa. The whole hospital seemed to be flooded in a sweet honey, then the chest science covered a gloomy gray, especially the Head of Jun Wan (Jung Kyung Ho). The amount of work rushed, along with insecurity in the relationship with IK Sun (Kwak Sun Young) as squeezing his whole strength. Get more patients, all day only in the surgery room, busy to forget to eat. But those fatigue, he could not share with his girlfriend. She in the UK is very happy, the relationship with a close friend Se Gyeong also adds tight
This makes Jun Wan uneasy. But because of her loving, the breasts, depressed him all swallowed into the inside, only quietly listen to the shares of IK Sun. This accidentally caught the good brother Ik Jun. He unintentionally reminded this with his sister, said that his girlfriend had a selfish part, without expecting that his girlfriend was my brother.ik Sun seemed very happy with the new life. It must be heard of these words from himself who knew that Jun Wan was struggling but hiding himself, Ik Sun felt his sins themselves full of sins. She wanted to talk to him, but it was only possible to say liar, saying she liked others, making him misunderstanding her and a close friend Gyeong "Percentage of love" .ik Sun suffers when right Looking forward to Jun Wanngay when the audience was also wondering why Ik Sun easily said so harsh words, while she was clearly loving, then the answer was revealed at the last minute movie. IK Sun called her brother, reported that she had cirrhosis and was at risk for liver transplantation. At the same time, she also told him not to reveal to Jun Wan.ik Sun informed IK Jun the fact that he was illuminated IK Jun was not allowed to tell Jun Wan to know the turbulent relationship of the Wan-Sun couple , Hospital Playlist still follows its motif, transmits touching messages for viewers. The story this week also relates to Jun Wan and his patients. In this week's episode, Jun Wan receives a serious health patient, the whole body does not move the name Gyeong Mi. Not only that, she didn't have any relatives to visit her. For that patient, Jun Wan, a human-shaped man who never touched the social network Learn little one to post a talking person with her, because more than anyone, he understood the feeling of loneliness Miss. Jun Wan's postman finds a volunteer who to talk to Gyeong Mingo, Jun Wan also has a patient named Eun Ji. She is the one who attaches the longest artificial heart at the hospital, but has not had a heart donor. While both doctors and family members almost collapsed, the magic happened. At that moment, Jun Wan decided to decline his personal feelings aside to save this little patient. Has a long time Jun Wan is really happy for the Eun Ji family, Jun Wan is Ambank saved, and Eun Ji's surgery also saves him, helping him recognize a lot

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