Hostel Len Len Len Tay Sells Thousands Of Cotton Every Day

Len Len West on the main season, Tran Thanh also harvested flowers from 5am. With the number of 1,500-2,000 cotton / picking up, collecting tens of millions of dongs of the morning, Mr. Tran Thanh and his wife to the lotus dress to harvest. As one of the few families still holds traditional lotus dress to sell flowers and make tea. Just coming to the crop, his family always turned on without a hand

. Guests come every time a crowd, mostly buyers or get back to marinate lotus tea. Each order is less 100-200 cotton.Sen is classified as shown
Beautiful straight body, thick wing ... is chosen for sale to flower players. Many white rice inside used to marinate tea. Popular flowers This summer has a price of 5,000 to 10,000 VND / cotton. Dam Chi (right, Mr. Thanh's wife) said: "The income of lotus dress is relatively high but we have to cover Huge costs in care stages ". According to her, she said when Sen was in early February, her husband began to take care of clean biology. Stool must meet the standards to keep water and mud not contaminated, so there is so new lotus hatching quality
Then the electricity of water pumped into the lake was more than a tens of millions. Mr. Thanh Lotus was located in Dam Tri area (Tay Ho District) with an area of 3 ha. To ensure the progress of lotus picks for guests, he had to hire 4 more pickled boats. Every day, the work took place continuously from 5pm to 8:30 am. "My family took him to Take his lotus. His dress carefully, flowers are always sweet. Whether plugging or marinated or marinated Also fanciful ", his patrons to share. This point, Sen Tay Ho begins to go to the main season, for the biggest harvest of the year. The number of lotus picked every day 1500 - 2,000 cotton. Finish work outside the dress, Mr. Thanh returned home with about 200 flowers on the car. The number of flowers he brought back to marinate tea and sold. Carefully each layer of wings, he poured tea in the middle and tightened with lotus leaves. Tea cotton will continue to be plugged in a day and then put it in a refrigerator. Lotus tea is also divided into 2 types: tea usually costs 35,000 - 40,000 VND / cotton, special doll tea costs 50,000 VND / cotton. "There are now many families entering lotus from other provinces and lotus tea Tay Ho to sell words. However, product quality will not be guaranteed. Instead of making a quantity, my family will keep traditional profession from the time of parents leaving. Only hope to this lake Lotus tea There will be no failure, "the 50-year-old man said. The job is taken for 3 hectares of lotus, raising a few geese, the chicken ..., Mr. Thanh also doesn't work any other jobs. "I just want life just enough, let the lotus sticks around me. I don't want to be gone by money," Mr. Thanh said.

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