Hot News Entertainment On September 14: Kha Ngan First Shared About Hospitalization And Severe Weight

Kha Ngan said the current health of herself was stable after the hospitalization because of body weakness, resulting in weight loss reduction of control.0: 00/5: 43 Nouthern countries here for long ago, The celebrated actress suddenly shared his thin arm image with the infusion tube made the people not worry. Besides, the actress also revealed its current weight of only 42 kg. Kha Ngan said: "Health is stable, people don't worry too much." She also emphasized this weight loss began last year and unrelated to the requirements of the role in the new movie

. The secret actress of the wind: "Actually, from 2020, Ngan has reduced 10kg, record for 8 years of operation. So when taking over the role of the baby, the shape of the bank was available , there is no need to lose weight or forced to lose weight to match the character anymore. And recently, it is true that the bank has a sign, only 42kg
Because the bodily bodies are hospitalized for nearly 2 weeks, do not avoid From the body is a bit thin. It is what the bank does not want to show the bank is trying to compensate, workout to be a little more plump ". New, singer Vo Ha Tram has divided SHARE About the story of milk for me, causing sympathy. Milk clicks for children is probably a mantomed topic with Bim Mothers and Vo Ha Tram nor exception. On Facebook Personal, female singer has posted a long article about his milking journey. Accordingly, she said that when she was born, she was also confident that she would have enough milk. Because there is no much experience in taking care of children, Vo Ha Tram has come to his friends to ask. At that time, she also listened to everyone, trying to calm herelf to self-click her milk. The female singer revealed that after a struggle, finally the milk ended more, ensuring the right nutrition for the baby. Immediately after sharing the story, the article of Vo Ha Tram quickly received the attention of numerous netizens
In particular, milk mothers also "invite each other" to exchange and learn more experience. On your own Instagram, MINZY, showing off a message to exchanging about having a label of milk to invite him Bo made "child patterns" and post ads. The brand side has also made requests and want to know the cost for this job. However, Hoa Minzy quickly refused to be extremely frank attitude: "I don't get ads". Since creating a personal page for a son, the voice cannot work together throughout the life that this is a place for her to keep the usual moments of Baby Bo and share with fans. The special thing to the wife celebrates the 16th anniversary of the wedding. On the Personal page, MC Rights Linh wrote: "Send your wife. He only said his wife thanked his wife - the companion and supported him throughout the journey. We overcome many challenges but still love And beside each other. Thank you the most sincerity and warmth that your wife has been for you. " At the same time, he also expressed his conception of love with his wife: "Everyone often asks, does love need to be beautiful like a dream? With you meals with simple dishes together is more wonderful than all Cao Luong Myan. The moments of talking together, smiling because everyone still peacefully more precious than any other flower moment ... and our two princesses will always be happy wedge seeds In my family. Thank you for your solid positive after all. Always holding your hands without leaving ". Hiep Tien has just shared that:" Today must handle a frozen chicken to clean the cup As a result, it is a lot of cooking. Many people also agree with her menu because the time of making ways to make use of anything should take advantage of thoroughly. In addition, the voice I am not the only also preparing to grilled with an easy-to-eat and delicious water honey chicken for a rich meal. As a person with a simple living mindset, including the possession of a terrible household, the fairy hair couple - Touliver also spends very moderate. Sang the image of the grave, the wife and attire to receive a comment range negative. After the sudden departure of her husband, Phuong Loan still maintained the habit of visiting the grave of the commune every weekend. These images are frequently updated and shared on the personal and fanpage page of the artist to Chi Tai. In addition to Phuong Loan encouragement early overcoming pain, recently, Chi Tai's wife's actions suddenly received many negative comments from Netizen. Singer Phuong Loan also confessed that she received many negative ideas but tried to ignore her ears. It is known that after this loud loss, the female singer is still trying to gain spiritually every day every hour. Besides, it can be seen that the image of a Phuong Lai was more played than before, gradually returning to the normal life with the comments of the audience and friends. Vinars share a series of Story Make Netizen extremely attention. The actress of the eye uploaded the image of a pale face, pale white, clearing tiredness. Netizen also noticed

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