Hot: The Jaw Piece Of Death Of The Death Of The Fascist Hitler?

After entering the Boxke of the Nazi Hitler boss in 1945, the Soviet Union collected a piece of jaw bone. From here, the secret of Y's death was clarified. On the afternoon of April 30, 1945, the fascist hit Hitler and the newly married wife Eva Braun suicide in the Boongke in the capital Berlin, Germany. After that, the body of his husband and wife was granted below to the garden of the prime minister and poured up and lit the fire. Among the witnesses as the New Prime Minister Joseph Goebbels and Hitler's own secretary Martin Bormann witnessed The death of the Nazi Dictator

. After entering the capital Berlin, the Soviet Red Army ransacked at the secret Boongke of the dictator Hitler to seize the documents and evidence of the crime of fascism . At the prime minister's garden, they found some remaining bones due to burning fire. Among them, there was a skull array with a shot bullet and a piece of jaw bone
Soviets gathered the above bones because of suspicion they belong to the dictator Hitler and his wife. When examining these evidence meticulously, experts can identify the deaths and cause of death of the dead. The above bone pieces are preserved at the warehouse of the Russian Federal National Archives , Russian Federal Security Agency (FSB) and the Russian State Military Archives. According to the information revealed, a piece of jaws contained in a box are located in the FSB archive. It is absolutely secure, unprecedented before public. Philippe Charlier - French Science specializes in researching "Hanging Cards" (Cold Case - unnecked cases) in history is one In the experts involved in checking the above jaw fragment. After the same colleagues check the jaw piece, Charlier claims it really is Hitler. To get this result, the expert team checks the bone below a microscope and compares the information obtained with the descriptions in the Hitler autopsy record. Not only that, they also compares with the testimonies of witnesses, especially dentists who made dentures for Hitler.Melate jaws found at the Prime Minister's garden with many components made of metal
At the moment of death, Hitler only had 4 real teeth in his mouth and the rest are fake. The real teeth are associated with a very bad shape of bones. They are brown in the roots, white calcium decisions. This shows that Hitler is a vegetarian. On this jaw piece without trace of gunpowder. From here, experts said Hitler could have used a gun in the neck or temple. However, they could not prove that the fascist boss had taken poisony cyanide before using a gun at the head or not. With the above test results, scientists make sure that the fascist hit Hitler died in World War 2 on April 30, 1945. The readers watch video: Students need to learn more Korean, German ?. Source: HGV.gam Anh (According to History)

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