Hot Wheels X Super73-rx – Electric Bicycle Over 113 Million Vnd

The American Hot Wheels X Super73-RX electric bicycle model has a comprehensive connection with a beautiful smartphone with a beautiful design, selling price of more than 100 million VND is sold only within 24 hours. The world famous HOT Wheels was officially shaking hands with electric tram manufacturers in the US named SUPER73. The result of this special collaboration is a beautiful electric bike model called Hot Wheels x Super73-RX 2021. Accordingly, the electric bicycle Hot Wheels X Super73-RX is equipped with a set of electronic devices Ming and modern allow cars to connect comprehensively with smartphone operating systems such as Android and iOS through the private application with Super73. This limit will inherit the color of the main color with the main color including blue, orange and black gray specials

. On the vehicle, a series of modern and expensive equipment is brought up as a set of crafted and craft embroidery Drive saddlemen, ATV Lock-on hand holding from ODI, pedal from crankbrothers and small headlights for golden light breaking ..
Besides, the car is also provided with front brake clamp with 4 pistons , Advanced pre-shock absorbers are loaded and shock absorbers after MonoshoSck can also be adjusted. All these equipment are mounted on light aluminum alloy framework. Do not stop there Super73 also equipped with limited edition stainless steel sheet with unique groove cladding into two cars to reinforce the system frame system. Some details creates highlights on the car such as Patches of Battery, Black Chain. This US Hot Wheels X Super73-Rx Electric Bicycle is also provided by battery 960 watts hours It is allowed to go about 64 km with a speed of 32 km / h with electric energy. order. Currently, all 24 special electric bicycles have been sold out and are making assembly in California, USA. For customers after buying a car, they will be given a Ford model car Bronco R has a colored side paint color of the E-Bike Super73 Rx.Video: Hot Wheels X Super73-RX - Special Terrain Electric Bicycle.

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