House People Who Buy New Cars, Cuong ‘dollars’ Want To Buy Super Cars ‘naked’ 34 Years Old – Reasonable!

What is this supercar that makes your favorite 'dollar' businessman so loved? 0:00 / 3: 02Nam Southern while running out of this giant to the other giants bring Vietnam modern models, 'hot Having just blew and to eat ', entrepreneurs Nguyen Quoc Cuong dreams of other dreams: a model produced from the 1987s. Of course, the' dollar 'has a reason to have a unique reason to have Ferarri F40, a car model Export of only 400 pcs to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the carriage of a horse car company. Intreating 400 units is only the original plan, and the fact has been up to 1311 units due to the fact that the production is too large, causing the production By 1992. What made people, in both Nguyen Quoc Cuong, 'crazy' with this model? A special car, there are a thousands of reasons that people can give it to bring it home. There are buyers because they want to increase the number of vehicles in the collection, have buyers because they only like

... watching, someone will buy and then wait for the price and sell words
.. but someone will buy it to really ' Hold the lires', enjoy each kick after the pedal pedal, feel the sound of the ears from the engine block, 'breathe' with the severity of the steering wheel, immersed in the feeling of owning the car (instead of Because of the support technology) ... the original drawing of Ferrari F40. Photo: Ferrarinicola Materazzi Ferrari F40 design for that purpose. Is Ferrari's first model to reach the threshold of 320km / h, Ferrari F40 carries on her 'unimaginable' equipment: multi-parts engine blocks made from magnesium, gearboxes also from magnesium, shell body is the total draw of yarn Bon and Kevlar - super-durable and lightweight materials are often used in bulletproof coats, red paint Rosso Corsa ultra-thin ..
Ferrari F40 must be light, right fast.Khoang is like a racing car. Photo: Tballz / RedditFerrari F40 Unlike normal commercial vehicle models, it is a racing model that is sold legally. Practical control compartments like racing cars, do not support steering, do not support braking, do not have any supportive electronics. Sitting into Ferrari F40, "naked" only has a driving skills, without one Called "free driver". A unusual meeting of Ferrari F40. Photo: Ferrarine long list of 'no' There are no electric windows, no smooth floor mats, no smooth leather seats, even without door handles. To open the door, drag a rope in the middle of the door hole; To lower the glasses, you turn your hand. The only thing it is like normal models is probably air-conditioned. F40 characters in the wind wings are only on the side of the passenger to the words always towards the front. Photo: Top Gear These extreme pieces on Ferrari F40 are not yet. Also to mention aerodynamic design with a spearhead, the wind wings rise to the 'cool', the carbon seats a piece of carbon hug, paint must be thin to reduce the weight. It seems to respond to the aspirations of the founder of Enzo Ferrari: a true Ferrari model. Remember that Enzo Ferrari established the company with the original purpose is to develop racing. He was also a young man who was young. The Ferrari F40 image was first introduced at the headquarters in Maranello, Italy on July 21, 1987. Photo: Sport Car Digest Things on naturally Make Ferrari enthusiasts enjoyed. But when this model was published within the company, the entire employee was excited with the applause of Thunder. Thunderstorm, the process of developing this model was completely secret and accelerated. The whole process only takes place within 13 months, from 6/1986 to July 21, 1987. Ferrari F40 designer. Photo: Ferrari's 'Ferrari 288 GTO, Ferrari F40, Ferrari F40, Ferrari F50, Ferrari Enzo, Ferrari Laferrari), maybe not too when it says Ferrari F40 is' head

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