House Too Much Mosquitoes, Planted With A Cool Cancer Tree

Hateful mosquitoes, to maximize the use of chemicals that affect health, grure these plants to pursue this mosquito. Little citronella is called lemon, Mao Huong. Trees with scientific names are cymbopogon, citratus (DC.). Stapf, belonging to PooCeae rice family

. It is considered a herbal herb and chases mosquitoes more than many times the conventional mosquito medication. Thomenic basil is considered a herbal medium for human health that helps prevent and dispel the mosquito Effective for families. Hương Thảo is also considered an attractive and energetic herb with health
In addition to cooking effects, the rosemary tree also helps to disappear and prevent mosquito. Equipment is both beautiful and beautiful, which is considered one of the "carved" trees of many types of insects harmful to people Including mosquitoes, sesame bugs. Lemon is a very easy-to-grow tree, easily growing even in the shade. Everyone usually uses lemon basys for fragrances, drying as herbal tea and especially this is also the ability to chase extremely amazing mosquitoes. Mint cats contain nepetalactone - a chemical that mosquitoes are afraid . So growing mint around the yard and the porch is a simple way of chasing mosquitoes but the effect is dozens of times (a substance used in insect chase products). One of the natural mosquito-resistant ways to use trees lavender. Not only with purple attraction, lavender also possesses charming scents and helps neurological relaxation. However, mosquitoes are not interested in this smell. Beautiful geranium and also have a very charming scent, but mosquitoes and insects are very afraid
If you are unfortunately burning, you can also use some essential oils in them to apply it to the bite mosquito to get rid of swollen and itchy. Garlic cannot make you chase mosquitoes unless You eat often or eat in bulk but planting garlic crops can help you this. Using a bowl or shallow disc can decorate and decorate the effect of chasing mosquitoes effectively. Clove is one of the plants that work on the most effective mosquitoes thanks to their fragrance. However, because of their fragrance that many people encounter dizziness or headache when exposed so planting in the yard or a ventilated place. Tea is famous for the ability to treat skin and filtration diseases air. However, the special scent of this plant also works to solve mosquitoes and other insects. The spirituality radiates that the lemon aroma is very pleasant, in addition to chasing mosquitoes also have relaxing minds, Clear stress when tired. You see the video: the most strange shape plants in the world. Source: Healthy fun every day (T.H)

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