‘how Are Science Changing Global Health?’

'We want to pick fruits, but the sweet fruit must be the result of the seeds planted for decades ago. Must through a lot of generations, we can collect 'raw materials' needed to create breakthrough scientific inventions to control Covid-19 or other dangerous diseases,' GS Ezekiel Emanuel shared Scientific dialogue program organized by Vinfuture Online. Scientific results only come when a long-term research platform Vinfuture has officially launched a series of scientific dialogue programs, starting in September December 2021 on a global scale. The objective of this activity is to bring science - technology closer to the masses, contributing to raising awareness about the role of science for sustainable development goals, thereby promoting research , Breakthrough initiative in the community. The first dialogue has the theme "How is science changing global health?" With the presence of the world's leading scientists in the field of medical management such as Professor Ezekiel Emanuel (Professional Deputy General on Global issues at the University of Pennsylvania, USA), GS Alta Schutte (head leader Rescue cardiovascular, blood vessels and metabolism at the Department of Medicine and Health, University of New South Wales, Australia)

... The discussion has given many important ideas to ensure the whole people in and After the Covid-19
Theo Emanuel translation, the experience from developed countries brings many lessons in this regard. America and England are two typical examples that show the importance of basic science in research and quickly put into production of Covid vaccine. The GS used to be a special advisor for the General Director for the General Director The World Health and Members of the Covid-19 Task Force of the current US President Joe Biden, for example, in the United States, the first studies of mRNA vaccines began at least more than three decades prior to. However, only until Covid-19 outbreaks, it can be developed in a record time for about 10 months. These innovations are not natural that are based on the foundation of both an ecosystem including academies, researchers, companies, venture capitalists, management agencies. That ecosystem has grown up for decades and can quickly achieve progress when the situation has occurred, he also pointed out the success of England when he could provide scientific evidence and France Effective treatment only within 100 days since Covid-19 appeared in this country. "We want to pick fruits, but the sweet fruit must be the result of the seeds planted for decades prior to. There must be a lot of generations, we can collect all the ingredients needed to create breakthrough scientific inventions to control Covid-19 or other dangerous diseases, "he said. However , GS. Emanuel also shared, despite going rapidly in the production of Covid-19 room vaccine thanks to the results of the research platform, the US health industry was embarrassing, lacking synchronous cooperation in the war against the Great Translate
"Battle power is critical. We need a series strategy, not only with interim crisis like Covid-19, but also community health problems. The medical management system of all countries needs to be better prepared, regardless of rich water or low-resources countries, "he said. The key is a key, according to him, it is a system The monitoring of the disease is active and strict at the national level as well as a global scale. "Israel is probably the most a good example of systematic data management in a systematic way. What is it better than that? The authorities will understand each of the people who are responding to the vaccine, what happens when they are not injected, who is sick, etc. ", he said.Khoa learning data will help beat these Risks like Covid-19 in the future perspective, Prof. Alta Schutte affirmed that the research and development of data science will help enhance access to people's health care services, especially in Poor countries, while helping them improve their knowledge to protect themselves. Data sources may come from popular wristbands, creating a large amount of data such as body temperature and body reactions that allow detection of fever. "The role of science Data will be extremely large, including available data, so that the government and the Ministry of Health can make a decision due to continuous change data ", the GS member of George Global Health Institute, At the same time, a member of the Vinfuture Awards Council, commented. "We are in the new spatial era, the second spatial age, and people are racing to put the first footsteps on Mars . I hope that, as to conquer the moon, we will witness the similar 'sparks' to produce future medical technologies and innovations, "said Professor Schutte to conclude During the first scientific dialogue organized by Vinfuture Foundation. Next successfully

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