How Can The ‘super Business’ Capital Of 500,000 Billion Can ‘how To Inflict’ If It Does Not Contribute Enough Capital On Time?

According to Journalist, Lawyer Dang Thi Han Ni, the capital contribution of 'super business' VND 500,000 billion can easily handle in two ways that businesses are not fined 9: 00/4: 45 nurse submissions Money, owner of capital of VND 500,000 billion is busy launching billion dollars (Artwork) today (August 18) is the deadline for the Global Automation Technology Investment Group Joint Stock Company by Mr. Nguyen Vu Quoc Anh co-founder must pay a full amount of VND 500,000 billion as registered to avoid penalties. Change with VietnamFinance now, Mr. Nguyen Vu Quoc Anh affirmed: "The capital contribution service today is due, I will pay enough . I do not reduce capital, the company still works normally

. "About the problem of the capital line to submit, this CEO said:" The capital contribution of the Finance and Accounting Department has a worried person ". / 8, this enterprise has not contributed enough charter capital, the business registration agency will issue a written request for reporting reasons. Enterprises will have few days to report back to the business registration agency
Above That facility, posting management agency Signing business will decide on the form of processing. Before that, according to the national portal data on business registration in May 5/2021, there are two newly registered enterprises in the field of information and communication in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City with a registered capital of up to 525,000 billion. This enterprise registers on May 20, 2021. It was a global automatic business corporation with a charter capital of VND 25,000 billion and the Global Automatic Technology Investment Group Joint Stock Company chartered by VND 500,000 billion. This number is greater than the charter capital of Vietnam Power Group, Viettel and most of the major corporations in Vietnam ... These two businesses have the same legal representative, 3 founding shareholders All business in the field of information and communication. The legal representative is Mr
Nguyen Vu Quoc Anh, born in 1986, the address of permanent residence in Thu Duc city (Ho Chi Minh City). The issue of the country He is concentrating as preparing the opening of e-commerce floors (e-commerce) USG. According to calculations from businesses, this floor is worth more than 21.7 billion USD. This value is calculated by the company on the cash flow from the market, with 3 main projects: Global Community Community E-commerce, transforming global number and helps Vietnam enter the top 10 large global economies . Time for these 3 projects is expected to be about 7 years, of which 2 projects are made in 5 years, the last 2 years of project implementation 3. Money from the market, according to the explanation of the UK CEO, is when Has a good strategy, strategy, and give a lot of good products, then the money flowing into the journalist, Lawyer Dang Thi Han Ni, the capital contribution of the company 500,000 billion can handle it easily Easily in two ways that businesses are not penalized. The most company is the company to the state management agency to adjust capital. Secondly, shareholders can contribute capital with assets, with intellectual property, or certain technologies ... only need to do a record, shareholders approved for capital contribution with that assets and approved The value of the capital contribution according to the agreement is finished. From the actual capital contribution of shareholders and the charter capital, this lawyer also proposed to remove capital registration, charter capital can be seamless The figure is too easy. "The state wants to manage or monitor the economy, take data from the tax authorities - it is a real business activity, with declaration, contributing to a business economy Collecting and real numbers, "said Han Ni. It can be seen that if the main shareholder costs USG to $ 21.7 billion to contribute capital, and the remaining shareholders are consistent, see as the company Completed capital contribution obligations. And how this contribution is then how effective, or later the partner valued only a few million dollars, or several thousand dollars, several hundred dollars ... it is at the market price. In the last "Livestream" July 20 to launch USG Community Community E-Floor Products (United Stateof Global Community), the UK CEO believes that the USG E-Commerce is the Top 1 e-commerce floor of the world about trade Global trade according to the latest 5.0 technology in the market. Before this morning, this morning, this CEO also went to YouTube to talk about how to make a billions of dollars. I have affirmed that your company is not As a startup enterprise which is a new, modern, pioneering structure in the world. Global Group will be the first unit in Vietnam to bring technology products to global, competing with businesses in the 3 largest technology markets in the world, India and China. Development prospects, Mr. Quoc Anh estimated that by the end of 2022, his business brought about 1 billion USD. From 2023 - 2025 this number will increase to $ 30 billion. By 2025 - 2027 this revenue will be up to 50 billion USD. By 2025, the Company will also build a duplicated financial business center in Vietnam. And if possible, the global company will also build 17 buildings representing 17 companies in the ecosystem, a total investment of 30 billion USD. There are many ideas that his business plans The United Kingdom is an illusion. Copy

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