How Did Covid-19 Change The Global Beauty Industry?

Being priced 532 billion USD, like all other industries, the global beauty industry also tends to change and grow continuously. 9: 00/3: 10 Southern Division of Covid-19 is causing Large damage to cosmetics and beauty. This is why you need to understand the trends will have a great impact on the future of this industry. This will help you better understand the direction of the global beauty industry.Covid-19 is causing great damage to beauty and cosmetic industryCovid-19 to teach people to know the importance of the defense Born and clean in everyday life

. Experts expect this trend will continue in the future, even if the pandemic has ended. Everyone searches for hand sanitizer and bactericidal soap in pandemic. This has slowly encouraged beauty brands to participate in this arena
They started offering handwashing water, high-class soap and beauty towards beauty. People will be loyal to their favorite beauty brands and professionals expect them to buy hand sanitizer as well as other sanitary widgets from favorite beauty brands. In this way, we will see a revolution in the field of cosmetics. Asking the transparency, we are no longer alive in the era that people don't know about the ingredients used in the product. This is why people want to know what they are applying on the skin. This demand has encouraged beauty brands to register with third-party laboratories to provide complete transparency of skin care products. This trend will change the future of beauty and cosmetics. The product can protect the skin from the effects of green light is one of the trends that are expected to be transparent to be one of the top priorities Of different brands. This will help customers know if their products are sustainable and organic. Original protection of blue-light skin enhances the ongoing translation has forced us to live on my campus
This gives us the opportunity to digitize every aspect of life. However, the dependence on technology also increases the likelihood of exposure to green light. Blue light is known to have a harmful effect on the skin. And this is the reason for beauty brands to start studying improved ingredients to minimize the harmful effects of green light for skin. Protect the skin from the effects of green light is one of the coins The most anticipated direction in the future. Customers who want to take care of their skin, beauty companies will help them slow down the skin aging process. We will see components such as tech and algae in favorite products. Liquid-forming spot this is very quirky. However, hundreds of different beauty companies are constantly trying to transform solid makeup items into liquid form. When customers spend a lot of money for beauty products, they want those products that will exist for a while. We have seen items such as lipstick and waterproof mascara. 2021 is the year that liquid lipstick appears, accompanied by many other liquid products. We will see an increase in minimalist accessories and habits of minimalist makeup Makeup this direction It was quite common even before the pandemic happened. However, the minimalist makeup style is said to be back in the coming years. People want to feel beautiful and independent even without using makeup accessories. Customers do not have enough time for complex makeup processes. This is why we will see an increase in minimalist accessories and makeup habits. Slow and natural skin care is the prevailing trend today. So many people are trying to learn how to make their skin light up without foreign elements. Therefore, we will see minimalist makeup practices in the future. Kieu Kieu (According to LongPineo)

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