How Did Ronaldo Reacted After Mu Muition Against Chelsea?

Despite the first now, only in the Premier League 2021/22, the Cristiano Ronaldo striker still believes his Red Devils can achieve success. This is the view that it has been shared by the Cr7: Mu Chelsea 1-1 in the Stamford Bridge last night.Cristiano Ronald is over the personal Instagram page, Ronaldo has a short but meaningful message with the content: "The front of MU still has a long way. When you play for MU and the season is still long ending, what can happen. A match doesn't say much and we will fight much Until it was unable to try it anymore

. It was not until the 44th minute he was released to the ground for Jadon Sancho. At that time, MU was leading Chelsea 1-0 and Sancho was the one who scored the score (50 ') after Jorginho's mistake. It was regret that MU did not preserve the advantage for Joginho equalizing 11m of successful stone in the 69th minute
With this result, Chelsea continue to reign on the top of the bxh and they show more than Ronaldo's team to 12 points (30 compared to 18). Back to Ronaldo, he shown The frustration took the face when he ran straight into the changing room, not to hand over the opponent or greeted the fans after the match ended. Previously, Ronaldo continuously reminded his teammates and had to receive a yellow card in the second minute of stones for the second time controversial with the referee. There is a detail that needs to emphasize that Ronaldo is very ungainly in the face with Chelsea . Indeed, the statistics do not know how to lie suggest that Ronaldo in the previous 16 Chelsea encounters only won 5, draw 5 and lose to 6 matches. Attention, in 16 matches on Ronaldo only First 1 time poked Chelsea's net. It was a header to launch Chelsea in the 2007/08 Champions League final on the Luzhniki stadium. Ronaldo did not fulfill the duty in the 11m shootout, but MU finally defeated Chelsea to go to the throne in Europe's most prestigious club tournament (2 teams shared 1-1 for 120 minutes). Particularly in the Premier League, Ronaldo has two tectonic lines in 11 times adjacent to Chelsea (in the seasons 2005/06 and 2008/09). At 11 days, MU lost 4, Hoa 4 and won 3 matches
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