How Do Asian Countries Respond To Omicron Variations?

Singapore, Thailand, South Korea and many Asian countries have immediately have moves to respond to Omicron variations ... Omicron variants disturbed the re-opening plan of many Asian countries - Photo: AFP Covid-19 new Omicron is causing the world to win the world before the new year. Government many Asian countries immediately tightened entry restrictions as well as isolation regulations to control the spread of variations that are supposed to spread stronger than this Delta variant and prevent a batch New disease outbreak

.Singaporetheo SCMP, in Singapore, Ye Medical Minister Ye Kung Omicron variant as surprise in the game "Solid escalating" - collective games in which players launched dice to move On the squares and must avoid the snakes to go to the destination. "We don't know what the next dice throw and what are you landing in the square," he said at a press conference on 30 / 11. "Omicron can just a variant that does not have a big impact
We will likely land a lucky square and continue the route to live with Covid-19 as a resilient country. "However, Singaporean authorities don't want risks. From December 3, all visitors to Singapore by air, including residents of the country and the transit from Changi airport, will have to comply with strict testing regulations. This provision includes testing before coming and PCR testing when it arrives.Singapore delays the travel program program for vaccinators (VTL) with 27 countries and territories - Photo: AFPNat, Singapore also postponed deployment of travel lane for vaccinated people (VTL) with 27 countries and territories, including Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Suadi Arabia, as the original plan . Accordingly, people who come to Singapore on flights from the countries from December 3 will have to test a quick antigen with the test centers designated in Singapore on Tuesday and Saturday since When entering. Anyone who is infected with Omicron variations is not allowed to treat at home as other variant cases that will be taken to the National Center for Inspectors for isolation until the disease . Similarly, those who are close to these infections will be required to be isolated at the designated facilities instead of their own homes. Eastern concentration rules - It is a maximum of 5 common users at the restaurant - will not be more loosened. So far, Singapore has not detected any Omicron variant infections
Malaysians 1/12, Ministry of Health Malaysia announces will temporarily ban entry for people from countries with Omicron variant cases or are considered to be at high risk with this variation. Malaysia will also postpone the plan to establish a lane for vaccines with these countries. The Minister of Health Styry Jamaluddin said that passengers fly from South Africa, Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Malawi It is also not allowed to enter Malaysia. However, with Omicron infections recorded in Hong Kong, England, Australia and some other areas, Malaysia will also prohibit entry with people from these places. . Mr. Khyry said the list of banned into Malaysia's entry will be updated daily. Come on people to follow the people to comply with the prevention of Covid-19 epidemic, which noted that the Omicron variant can be easier to spread Delta and it is unknown how toxicity of this variant is. On November 30, Malaysia defense department said the government will pause the shift program to see Covid-19 as an endemic disease caused by the Omicron variant as It is expected before Thailand has not yet recorded the Omicron variant infection. However, the plan to speed up the entry process for Thai tourists, which allow guests to perform rapid tests instead of PCR testing when entering, may have to be postponed. Currently, passengers are asked to take a break at least one night at a hotel to wait for test results. Thailand has launched entry restrictions with people from Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe. From December 1, Thailand banned the entire entry from these countries. With that, people from African countries are not allowed to enter Thailand under the Sandbox pilot program - which exempted isolation When visitors come to some provinces like Phuket. However, people from African countries in addition to the above countries are still allowed to entry but must be quarantined in 14 days and perform PCR tests 3 times during this period. National South Korea Moon Jae-in day 30/11 Requesting authorities to immediately tighten immigration control measures, soon as the Health Authority reported to the first suspected Omicron variant. He warned this variation that could "blow away" every effort to prevent the disease.

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