How Do Automotive Storage In The Season?

Automotive not used for a long time can lead to corruptions, wear and tear so the car owner needs to note the preservation (00/1: 54 nam-domain area: Hanoi continues to make social ways, My family's cars don't use for a long time, so how to care and preserve a good car? Nguyen Van Chien (Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi) Cars do not use for a long time So in the tunnel to reach safety conditions: Cars are not used for a long time, the first thing the car owner should note that finding suitable parking. Should parking in tunnels meet safety conditions. If the outdoor parking needs to cover the car to avoid the sun, the rain affects the exterior paint, the plastic details, rubber of the car. Also, clean the car clean, avoid the food, Drinks, items that are easy to cause fire in the car. With that, regularly every week, the motorbike should be exploded from 1-2 times, every time within 30 minutes to 1 hour for battery activity Good, do not run out of electricity when used after social ways

. At the same time, it also helps maintain battery life. In this process, it can take advantage of opening the car to avoid moisture due to a long-term separation, checking the electrical system on the car such as headlights, taillights, XI Nhan, whistle watching wells work well. Car after a while without moving will also be lost, reduce tire pressure, so pump both main tires and spare tires to the maximum pressure Recommended from the manufacturer
Also need to fill the gas tank to prevent oxidative condition for fuel tank, avoiding the formation of precipitation in the fuel tank, which can damage the vehicle. Before shipping Onions after long periods of unused time, it is necessary to re-check the solutions such as brake oil, oil and cooling water. If the loss needs to be added immediately to the brake parts, the engine works efficiently, avoiding damage. In the break time, although not using a lot of cars, it is not used for 6 months after the previous maintenance period, the car owner Should still take the car to check because many parts on the car will wear tear over time, not according to the number of kilometers of moving. Tu Ngo Tien Khoi, the leader of the service advisor of Hanoi Ford

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