How Do I Go Wrong?

The person who lives in the world is not perfect, so there are negligence and mistakes. It is important that I realize that the wrong jobs to repent, repenting it, overcoming the consequences and praying without relapsing. I have two priority issues, do not know how to remove it. One is, five I class 8, I bought me a beautiful Buddha-shaped chain. Once, I was tied to break the Buddha's image

. I took the Buddha on the box carefully and still worked every day. So far, I have lost that Buddha's face. I'm worried that I don't know if I have to make a bleeding Buddha body? Secondly, last summer I returned to my hometown, seeing the pond of her family, so I sent a lot
At that time I think fishing is a pastime pleasure. Now thinking it is very repentant and suffering because she killed many sentient beings, I want to repent and pray not to harm sentient beings anymore. Looking forward to telling me how to repent the above sins and super levels of those biopsy to be peaceful? (Jade, bichngoc ... @ Artwork - Photo: Tam Nghiem .Wearing dear jade! The person who lives in the world is not perfect, so there are negligence and mistakes are also common. It is important that I realize the wrong jobs to repent, repenting it, overcoming the consequences and praying not to relapse. Because of the breaking of the pendant with a Buddha-shaped pendant
This because you are unintentionally, it is not guilty, especially for the "bleeding Buddha body" again. Sin or evil creates karma only form when I intentionally. The pregnancy is only a small error, if the repentance will be clean. Behind, when I accidentally broke the Buddha statue, you need to pick up and pack carefully, then bring it to the temple thanks to the monks (Ni) to handle help (temples often receive old or damaged Buddha statues to help Buddhists are slightly embarrassing when they don't know how to handle the right way). After that, you sincerely in Buddha's Buddha (at the temple or house) to worship, offering the disclosure, expressed with the Buddha about his negligence and repenting, repenting and praying not to relapse. Fishing, you created some bad karma about animal murder. Due to improper awareness, taking evil killing makes fun and entertainment on the suffering and death of other species. Buddhists are not aware of such and acting such that always respect and find ways to protect the lives of all species. On the other hand, the vision of non-killing gender is not killing, and the damage of animals for life, due to accidental or lack of awareness may be repented. Based on the two characteristics, the bad karma fishes that you have created can replace themselves to become clean. You should go to Buddha's mind into the heart of the worship, offering the disclosure, expressing with the Buddha His lack of knowledge should have created a kills, repentance and repentance, but praying not to relapse this evil karma in the future. To contribute to redeeming an error, you need to vow to respect the life, practice of release, join hands to protect the environment. Every time you do a blessing of a German, you are interested in loving the blessing to all sentient beings, praying for all species to be happy, happy. You go to repent and repent every day until the mind is beefy, gentle and enlightened advisory ( according to enlightenment

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