How Do I Have My Father?

The man in this story is always willing to shelter, enveloping the daughter and taking care of, raising his grandchildren who lacks his feelings. But he still worried that, he would make their children more disadvantaged than 200: 00/3: 30 Nam Nu this year 67 years old, my wife is 65 years old. At this age, many people have been agreed to be old, not worried about them, but I am still heavyweight thinking. We have 3 children, 2 boys, 1 girl. All my children were married, but unfortunately my daughter was young but soon widowed

. At the age of 22, my daughter married but only 2 years later, my son-in-law was died of illness. At that time, two children still didn't have children. After a year of tangling her husband, my father-in-law for my child is with my husband and wife
My girl opened a head shop and now had stable income. 4 years ago, my child used to a man, who was a family member. He was 10 years older than my child, had a wife's life and had a daughter. He went back to my family playing a pair of times and intended to be friends with my daughter. Through the contact, my child also consent and visited his family. His daughter is looking forward to my child about motherhood. I also got down to my house to play and my family were very precious because she was obedient, behaving to be permission. In 2018, he built a family for me and lived alone, without marriage intentions with my daughter. Also during that time, my daughter found himself elected with him. My child was very embarrassed because it was not where he was beloved and also feared my husband and wife's reaction
When I know, my couple held a family meeting to see how this would handle this. My daughter was 35 years old, and walked away, it was hard to meet people like Italy, so I wanted to raise my children. Later, my mother is difficult to rely on your parents and brothers. My whole family agreed with this decision. My daughter also actively called the other man knew but he only answered "depending on the decision" .2 years ago, my grandchildren was born. It was a pretty boy. When I worked as a birth procedure for my child, I had to confess to the commune agency that my child was born apart from my grandchild to bring my mother. When my child's mother goes home, the other man sends a gift to her, his sister also came to our house. When the baby was full of months, my family had opinions with relatives and fixed to the church they would like to enter the mother and ask for 2 moms to be a household like every family in them. At the age of 1, my father said she wanted to pick him up to her house. My child told him to go to the house with permission, but it was not possible. To achieve the wish, force him to go to my house and ask us to take the baby to go out, will take it back. At that time I was just sick, so I answered it to another, but it was not possible. So he took the reason why a friend waiting in the car should stand out right away. After that, I didn't see him to pick me up but sometimes, he still visited me. I didn't prohibit how he welcomed him and did not intend to hide his grandchildren. Just from the day I was born until now, did he completely have no opinion about getting a child? I thought that even if he just wanted to accept me and didn't want to marry my daughter, my family could agree. But how to decide how he must say clearly, decent, to fill me now, my family is awkward. Something, thinking is that but I also wonder if I do that right? Or just let him go back and visit the baby without a clear talk, because anyway, the 2-party family knows everything? Moreover, know where, the child will be a bridge for him and my child together? Now, I don't know what I should do ./. Vov2

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