How Do Mom Divorce?

My father adulted, she caught. Mom made it hard until nearly half a year later everything in the family returned to Binh Yen.0: 00/1: 53 NAMButs that were the time my mother lived very miserable. Both my father. The two did not seem to be mounted but could not separate each other to free each other

. I brought my father hatred from there. Each family's meal is a terrible series. Mom always says the shadow of adultery cases and is exiled
My father said, don't say anymore, I said to tell you. So the daddy died before. After I finished watching TV, I asked my father to go to work better for my family than enjoy it. That mother's idea is a way to punish her father, the way he must do to ate his family. Justice, he constantly had to avoid his face. The illustration. There are the days when the family has to go to her. That's the time not to stretch social ways. Father took tired, so he wanted to stay at home, he told him to stay at home and then took the phone and then asked for "the other". It's over to more than five, but my mother still tells my father with such sentences
Not a little respect. I have suggested to my mother, that if my mother did so, the more she was away from her mother. My mother said no need and didn't want to close. I asked my mother again: "So I love you". Mom said all the love for a long time when he was painful. I asked my mother again. "So she freed me, what to be with three". Mom said, "I have to take revenge on your father throughout the rest". I said: "So the mother is more painful." Mother said, "I don't matter that, I need huh, I hate the adultery". I see a great change in my mother. I loudly helped my mother escape this pain, but everything was too difficult. I used to speak straight as I wished my mother divorced. But Mother certain doesn't do that. I want to spend the rest of my life so my father's shoes. But the more it does, the mother is more painful. What should I do? I injured my parents extremely endowed that I was helpless now! Hoai ... @

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