How Does Buddha Seem To Distinguish Unfamiliarism And Fake?

American lucrays the kingship comes from 'Mind' in Risil. Buddha seemed to use the new belongings to see the truth. In the process of going to West Thien to take care of the economy, the forgery often occurs, Sun Ngo does not fake his lovers, fake false monsters, such as hybrid, rising roads, Bat gender ..

. a lot of fake events can arise, mainly due to the unintentional or negligent enemy at that time. But this fake times can reach a real qualification, simultaneously noisy Everyone in Thien Cung knows, illifying the jade, negative, as hybrid, not inferior to the greatness of Ton Ngo Khong. It was because the supreme person who was really a bravery, if he said Sun Wukong was not the first monkey with Thien Ha, the other hall monkey was the first fake of Thien Ha
Enlightenment does not cause the number of things. Both of themselves, so robbers hanging onto the trees. When you want to see that the situation is angry with the robbery, the injured, who is dead. Roads that increase angry and enlightenment, enlightenment to make suffering with the Bodhisattva. The meticulous analytical reader will see, the atrium has not just appeared to find the opportunity to appear. Non-coming, late not coming, in order to be in time when the road increases the enlightenment to appear, and this is also Local or drive of the housel. He beaten the rising street, robbing luggage, which was chosen at the end of the teacher of the street teacher to increase the contradiction to act, contact with other people, often not unexpectedly, but will borrow internal conflicts to Turn on. The team took the "turmoil", led to "foreign invaders", enlightened after hitting the death of the Ocean of the Ocean, the conflict became more and more dramatic, the road increased Do not assaulting unfamute, enlightenment of increasing sugar has forgotten all the diligence of his demons throughout the journey. When the atrium appears, the more people make people navigate, bring off the crime His Christal Christmas. Enlightenment, the American king is very important to gas, the self-suffering from the path to get him mature
[...] Luc Almost an extremely strong opponent Encountered, but the interesting thing is that this elegant child can succeed robbing the road but do not eat sugar meat, nor do you want to become a body with a rise, only robbing the luggage and clearance of the message . It thinks it thinks like this: "I went to Tay Thien Bai, the Buddha, the night of east earth, succeeded, to succeed, let the people in Nam Tham Chau Lap Ta nest, save the Van Van Great "This motivator seems higher than hundreds of thousands of times compared to the loves that just want to eat rising sugar to school for unfounded schools, actually this is just a self-tricking themselves. [...] Among many people who are impersonated, I certainly enlightenment are not the most disgusting person, not only by self-enlightenment itself, in general it is difficult to simulate It is necessary to accept the danger that it will be enlightened, pursuing and pursuit. But the atrium has a strong impersonation of enlightenment, but itself has a high-ranking village, also a characteristic Another enlightened Ton Ngo could not use wisdom to discover it was like discovering other kinds of other devices. The first death of the gaining road was Ton Ngo, early evening together for more than a decades so for movements Although the smallest amount of enlightenment also knew as the palm, but he could not recognize the guy who was coma was an enlightenment. Has influenced his awareness. [...] After all, the United States was truly fake to hit Thien Cung, Ngoc De wanted through the love glasses in the hands of Thap Thien Vuong Thap Thap Falls to distinguish true fake, but it made a mistake , Love glasses can only distinguish people with love but only, hydro-hunting with enlightenment is not the same as cannot distinguish the fake US, in the world where there is no thousands However, just exceeding the scope of the effect, it will probably appear wrong. Vuong Tuy may hear it fake, but don't say it right at the scene, but bring them to the place Of Nhu Lai. [...] After the Bodhisattva saw two enlightened two, it was planned to help but help me miserbed, but afraid of receiving real enlightenment. This has affected the main judgment Her body. As the hybrid can distinguish clearly, without lake, the Buddha does not love not hate, does not exist the familiar affairs here. The person who is unlikely to do this, ordinary people eat In the human world, it will be th

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