How Does Johnny Tri Nguyen Designed A 3-wheel Motor Model?

A AE.1 3-wheel motorbike has a pre-operated air suspension and is designed with a similar dual-handed hand. One month after announcing the preliminary design image of a 3-wheel motorcycle model. 1, Johnny Tri Nguyen has just posted more 3D graphics videos that show the strange operation and how to operate the unstructure of the previous suspension. Do not only allow a 3-wheeled car tilted when entering the 2-wheel motor, male The actor also revealed the pre-compressed air cluster

. Want to remain the running characteristics of a 2-wheel motorcycle change with Zing, Johnny Tri Nguyen to share the reason he chooses a solution to use a flexible front suspension, possibly Help the body tilted left / must be to keep the operated characteristics of the motorbike on the AE.1, tilt in the corner to keep a balance with centrifugal force. "CAN-AM's 3-wheel models Do not incline when entering the crab, it is the form of car operation, and AE
1 is different. If you want to run as a can-car need to design the front horizontally, it is wide enough to keep balance, no time to run the crab will flip the car, "Johnny Tri Nguyen said. Preliminary design of AE.1 on the software 3D graphics. Photo: Johnny Tri Nguyen. From this design direction, the production team to calculate the solution to the damping cluster of this suspension working efficiently, while ensuring harmony for overall design. Indicates that ae.1's previous design is equipped with conventional duct spring springs with two wheels with 2 wheels. This requires additional arrangement of an inclined lock system to keep the balance motor when moving less than 10 km / h. This solution is simple technically but the tilting lock will make the volume of the tank further
At the same time, this department makes the front suspension look cumbersome and difficult to improve aesthetics, while the design philosophy of AE .1 towards the style of "mechanical performing", needs "show" hanging systems and not covering everything to be beautiful. Therefore, using a pneumatic fork in the front hung cluster is the most effective option for AE.1, actor said.Video Clip is downloaded by Johnny Tri Nguyen Dang Download, showing AE.1 with a framework of carbon fiber materials . According to Johnny Tri Nguyen with Zing, 2 cage forces with concentrated oil lines. When the car tilts any side, the oil from the party will "run" through the opposite side. Under the speed of less than 10 km / h, the speed sensor will activate the oil valve lock, ie the tilt cluster, to keep the car balance. When the car runs through the bumpy on the road, fluctuating the impact on the wheel is extinguished by a pneumatic forum. "It sounds complicated but the reality is quite simple to do. For the driver, they just run like a 2-wheel motorcycle or motorbike, just do not need to resist foot when stopping, "Johnny Tri Nguyen shared. Reality, the direction of designing 3 wheels can be tilted Onions are not new in the world. For example, the Yamaha Nickel is a special suspension model, each front wheel has 2 reverse journeys connected to complex center balancing hands, allowing The car is tilted on the crabs and keeps balancing when going straight or standing still. On the world there are many motorbikes, a 3-wheel motorbike capable of tilting on the crab. Photo: Yamaha, Piaggio. There are similar structures as yamaha nickel as the Piaggio MP3 scooter. The fork of each front wheel was arranged vertically and linked to the central blowstone with many rotating joints, helping the driver to "hug crabs" like being riding a 2-wheel drive .So with AE.1 design board, The suspension on the nickel as well as MP3 works according to the principle completely differently, the structure is also more complex and more detailed. Many stages must be asked when asked about the progress of the motorbike model with a cabin As cars, 47-year-old actors revealed him and his colleagues are going to detail the technical parts. Currently, after preliminary completion of suspension structure, the group continues to design the tray Dedicated to AE.1. The reason is that the operation and design characteristics are different from conventional motorbikes so they cannot use the types of wheels available in the market.Ae.1 are designed with a single-seat driver, the following hanging cluster used Single cylinder spring. Photo: Johnny Tri Nguyen. Besides, Johnny Tri Nguyen commented that electric motors are part of the project when they need to meet AE.1 high performance. Previously, the information to Zing, England said the car could be equipped with ERX 228 electric motor with a capacity of 148 horsepower and 230 nm torque, accompanying the 18 kW 450 A.Johnny battery. AE in the name is abbreviated from the AGGRESSIVE EVOLUTION. In the market, there are no models that have the characteristics like he wishes, so actors have decided to design and produce their own cars. The most remarkable point of this 3-wheel motor model is compartment Drive for the driver, cannot carry the passengers along. Graphic images only show which part of the original design, including recording-east, simple electronic clock tables and chairs with many parts designed and produced separately l

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