How Does Netizen React To Drama Of Ngo Yorny And Old Love?

There are many different flows related to the denunciations denouncing and litigation of Ngo Yorni and the old capital of the United States <: 00/2: 35 Southern southern social affairs are wave up before a series of "peeling Seal "of Her Hotgirl America with Ngo Yorny. This is not the first time she told the social network to denounce the old boyfriend's "stains" but perhaps this time accuses heavy and made the listener more shuddered. Like the article of the fine dollar "seph" Ngo Yorny relations with juveniles, caught a lot of fish, only familiar with girls 18 or a minor, the girls like the item is displayed on the banquet table so he can choose to comfortably choose choose. Even the fine dollars reunted behind someone who led the termite, enticing young girls with confidential words like "I have a sympathy to you", "I want to be with you", .

.. Ngo Yife After a series of seals, it was enough to have passed the passerby to know he was a period of real play or also known as the trail "Tra Nam" of Hoa Ngu entertainment village. But this time, the fact that the US dollar prosecuted him with a person under the age of 18 is actually the information that makes netizens shocked and shocked
Immediately the fans of Ngo Yorni Pham did not leave for network accounts Society of My Truc. She was suffering from intense pressure, social network violence even threatened to kill her when posting the reputation and career of his idol. Immediately afterwards the work of Ngo Yorni in announced the entrustment to the lawyer who was completed. Notice from Studio Ngo Yorni said the entire screen capture contents are spreading, are fake, not true. This has seriously damages the honor and Benefits of Ngo Yorny. Request the relevant subject immediately remove the contents of infringing up the personal rights of Ngo Yorni Bases. Sitting Yen Do My Truc is also posted on Weibo announcement to other victims and coordinates with the police to investigate. She was confident in 2 days in two days that will give the police all the evidence she gets to sue the opposite of Ngo Yorniness. Before the Drama Nobody doesn't get anyone "Tra Nam" Ngo Yorny and old girlfriend Hotgirl My Truc, Netizen divided into 3 different opinions when "hits" phosphorus.1
Cursing, criticizing because it was time for Ngo Yorny to be "karmatic". After the shameful story was filled with licking eventually, the person dares boldly to the denunciation, exposing the crimes of male artist.2. Ironized US dollars use the game to make attention then Livestream sales earns. Of course such comments will receive the agreement of Ngo Yorni fans. In addition, his fans are confident to say that they support the female love of the capital to report to the police, why do they still want to know the truth of the story. If it is true, it will be regretted to boycott, otherwise it will have to reclaim the fair for Ngo Yifea.3. The crowd was silent with the last result of this dramatic drama. Don't forget to track SAOSTAR to update the latest news!

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