How Does Parents Divorced, How Are Children Affected?

The divorce story is normal when husband and wife cannot continue to live. But so that the child does not fall into the mental crisis depending on the behavior of the father and mother after divorce. The Psychology of Tue An said that many parents worry about children when they witnessed their parents Divorce will be hurt, suffering, will hate parents, will lose faith in love and marriage, emotional lack, even a lack of material. There are many reasons Delaying divorce, what will the children really look if their parents divorced? Studies have demonstrated that: 1. The children will quickly be the first time when the parents divorced their children will definitely be shocked, collapsed and lost faith

. However, they will be very quickly regained to play and study. Only a handful of children affected by the divorce of parents. The rest are only very small, sometimes negligible
The relationship between the child and mother also tends to be better and closer with three when they divorced, whether the cause of divorce can export Broadcasting from the mother itself. Children who have parents divorced still very well, psychology and standard behavior are not too different from children living in the family full of all three and mother. But the effects will be clearer when they grow up and become adults. The parents divorced much affect children when they grow up so many children with parents divorced when they were small depressed or difficult with affectionate relationships in life. They are difficult to create and maintain a relationship, or have a breakdown, less close to their parents or higher divorce rates. But there are also many cases where people with parents divorced have Ability to regulate emotions and better relationships than ordinary people. That's because these people have learned the lesson from the mistakes of their parents and they don't step on that pouring car, so there is a happy life, full-minded. Divorce is better to argue, war in front of me many children with parents divorced said the time they feel bad and hurt the most not when parents go to court but are the three-mother behavior together when they live together. Those are the quarrels, wars, violent violence or meals no one doesn't tell anyone. Children who are experiencing the conflict of their parents only wish their parents divorce Fast as possible
They are tired, stuffy and angry when they witness their parents who live on performances, resentment, hatred, torment ... how to reduce the risk of damage to the broken shake. How to get a civilized divorce, do not hurt the person who has headed pillow and children is extremely difficult. You can refer to 3 tips from Tue An psychiatric expert below to be trusted The beautiful divorce story, minimizing the risk of damage to the child: During the divorce of both spouses must spend time of interest and take care of more for their children's feelings. Absolutely do not let them feel lonely and abandoned. It depends on the personality as well as his age to have a suitable way of talking. Explain clearly why my parents have to divorce, tell their children to know their lives after divorce: they will be with anyone, when the whole family can meet. Loving child, should not criticize, blame the enemy in front of me. That only makes them hate both parents. When parents divorced, hurt with children are inevitable. However, we can reduce that pain down by talking frankly to understand the problem, love interested in compensation for them, spending quality time for them. Thuy Linh / Education

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