How Does The Lyrics ‘confession’ Of Gaining G To Be Sent To Du Uyen?

'Confessing' is given many people who are given to gias to the old people in Du Uyen.After a series of noisy "unpicked" with Du Uyen each cause a stir, gone and quietly release the song "Animal sin". The song MV is done in the form of MV Lyrics. The lyrics make many people associate with the relationship between male singer with their ex-girlfriend. Jing and Du Uyen used to be a couple in music but bid farewell is not very beautiful, but many people think that , Lyrics are messages of reaching G with Du Uyen

. Because, the words are quite matched with the noisy of both. "Sometimes I want to kill you?" It is said to talk about the grews, when Du Uyen "the old boyfriend's" match. This makes the image of Git gland seriously affected in the audience's eyes
Under the comment section, many people hope that gaining G will grow more after stumbling, knowing wrongly. "Like how to reach g transmission." Confessions "is a unlikely post, but it will be a great song if in the same scene", "Hope you will grow more, protect your daughter's daughter "," It is too angry too much. Looking forward to withdrawing the lesson with his feelings, "" dare to put all his mistakes into a song. It is wrong, knowing to receive, know. "... The lyrics" Confession ": I want to kill you? (Is it right) The time you have a child who plays yet big (new or stirred) exists in the past, are you evil like that? Conficture from England in front of the nose is a stupid kid who likes more than in a hurry Judgment that makes the opponent hurt the hundred times thinking that the ending of us has an additional enemy of all the memories that suddenly broken [Prchorus] I should have fun, all you know Good and then error me with hate things, he brought, I [Chorus] Alkaline compression of pain, angry loss of wisdom, that's right, I know, then until one day I have to confess all the loses, copies His body has a lot of wounds that have long been yet healed, I have always done, I will be done, I will succeed, protect the love beside me go [ver 2] Don't bother all because love is only two People (two people) enemies printed on the skin or looking at it, I finished laughing (laughing) the top of the hearts, "that stupid story is myself, once doing" because there will be ones, doing it chief Myself should be happy to go to me, all know you are not good, I'm not good at hateful things, you brought, I [Chorus] compressed the pain, angry, yes, I know, Then until one day I have to confess all the losses, you herself has many wounds that have not yet healed, I will be done, I will succeed, protect the love next to me. OUT] Alkaline compression The pain loses you to give you a lesson or compression of the pain that will lose anyone who will have a feet of copper

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