How Does The Motor Shock Absorber Need To Overcome?

Oil-flowing motorbike shock absorbers occur quite common after a long time of use, with many different reasons. Here we will advise you some of the remedy experience.0: 00/2: 22 nam 0000: 00/12: 44 motorcycle shock absorbers or also known as the shrug is the unit with a vibration reduction function Shocking, there are many causes of motorbike shock absorbers, specifically as follows: rubber felt of motorcycles with hard, abrasive bottles: rubber felt lies above the shell to prevent dust, water Or the object falls into the shell. However, during a long-term use with rainy weather, it is difficult to prevent dirt or impurities from clinging. If no regular cleaning will make dust into layers or create scratches on rubber seals, thereby causing damping oil flow

. The motorbike shock absorber, damaged. The type of car fork at unreasonable prestige facilities, will make the shock absorber system without quality assurance. Because when the two departments are not correct or the distance between the two big companies creates gaps, it causes oil flow
If the vehicle regularly takes the weight of the prescribed quantity. Or go to the potholes, the bad road causes strong impacts that also makes the oil flow, damage to the soup in the shock absorber system that is incorrect or maybe because the distance between the two companies is wrong. When the distance of two large companies creates large gaps, it will also cause oil flow. Replacement of vehicles at unreasonable prestige facilities, will make the damping system not guaranteed quality . In addition, the motorbike falls to fall also the cause of the oil to flow out of the car damping. The motorcycle shock absorbers when it is filled with oil with this condition depending on the failure of the car shock absorber The machine has reasonable repair measures. To overcome promptly when damping with oil flow you need to pay attention to some of the following points. Select the quality of quality shock absorbers, suitable to the needs of the vehicle operating system. In addition, lubricants must also be a good kind to avoid scratching the company. Check and maintain regular rubber felt
If the frot has a hard, worn phenomenon, instead of changing cars due to a distance too far, go to the prestigious repair facilities for them to correct the overload, or pouring status The car causes the oil to flow. Also, depending on the level of failure of motorbike shock absorbers that conduct repair or replacement of both shocking clusters, can overcome soy sauce shocks depending on the case you can change Replace the company, spring, new oil. For the car 2 forks if a party fails, a party also needs to replace both, avoiding only the corrupted side replacement leads to an imbalance.

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