How Fast And Compact Eyebrows Smoothly, Help You Look More Beautiful When Wearing Masks

Squash or create blocks, sophisticated eyeliners can be eased but separately the eyebrow steps, do not ignore the 9: 00/2: 41 South in the context of the current epidemic, the mask is a needle It is missing for any office sister. Along with that, the beauty steps of sisters also have many changes. Instead of makesup as much as before, now, the beauty steps like the foundation of the foundation and bowl can be minimized. However, what to reduce, reduce your eyebrows separately, the sisters don't ignore it. The girl below is a demonstration that only the eyebrows is a significant promoted

. Because it has been wearing masks, you can minimize sophisticated makeup steps. But separately the eyebrow steps do not ignore. Eyebrow ages play a shaping role for the face to help overall beauty looks sharper and impressive, the lines are also enlarged
When you choose an eyebrow, you should choose a lighter-colored product with a little color, thereby creating a natural feeling and causing the skin to look brighter. Instructions on how to draw simple eyebrows * Drawing 3 ways The base and measurement to both sides of the eyebrows are the most important step, when drawing out sketches 3 baselines and measuring the balance gap between 2 legs, the remaining steps will be easy. There are 3 points that you need to mark when measuring it is the eyebrow head, the eyebrow tails and curved positions from the body goes to the tail. * Wafftise posing after dotting 3 points on eyebrows, use palm and powder To reshape and draw more eyebrows is a way to help you have the most beautiful and natural eyebrows. In addition to the brush of eyebrows, you can use a wax or pencil type with the first piece to easily draw eyebrows. * Don't forget to use mascara for eyebrows after drawing waffles, don't forget to use the brush To canopy and use mascara for eyebrows so that the fibers look clear and even more. For those who have a part of the gentle eyebrow, it is possible to use a piece of pencil with a few strokes to see the eyebrows more naturally. Now. Horus's eyebrow has a soft lead, easy to paint the eyebrows. In addition, it is also able to durable to 24h, natural colors easy to use for daily purchase: Horus; Price sale: 60k The eyebrow of The Saem has just had natural colors that have a good durability, the head of the brush helps you to easily reshape the eyebrow line, buy it: The Saem; Price Sale: 79k The Face Shop's eyebrow with triangular design makes it easy to create sharp molds for your legs; And a natural nature of brushing brushes for bought: The Face Shop; Price Sale: 103k The eyebrow man has a soft powder, does not cause lumps, natural colors where to buy: InnisFree; Price: 99k

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