How Is Australia’s 6 Submarines That Are Replaced?

Although building a modern, strong naval force, the Collins submarine team consists of 6 Australians, which was said to be incompilable, so the country was planning to buy submarines US-ANH.Astralia's nuclear is a sea nation and owns a powerful naval force, but currently only 6 diesel-electrical submarines Collins. This is the extended version of the type of type 471 submarine developed by Sweden. The Underground Collins has served in the Royal Australian Navy Payroll (Ran) since 1996 to replace the old generation Oberon class. The 6-submarine submarine takes place since 1990 to 2003 to end

. The Underground of the Collins class has a length of 77.42 m; 7.8 m width; 7 m water draft; The amount of water relaxation when floating reached 3,100 tons and up to 3,407 tons when diving
The submarines of the Australian Royal Navy have a full crew of 42 people. After the upgrade in 2009, the number of crews and doctors The full importance of the ship is raised to the figure of 58 people. The dynamic system of Collins submarines includes 3 Diesel Garden Island-Hedemora HV V18B / 15UB (VB210) and 3 Jeumont-Schneider generators. with the system This motivation allows ships to move with a maximum speed of 10 nautical miles / h (19 km / h) when floating or 20 nautical miles / h (37 km / h) when diving. Activity of the Collins submarine 11,500 nautical miles (21,300 km) when floating, or 9,000 nautical miles (17,000 km) when using a snorkel, or 480 nautical miles (890 km) when running underground at 4 nautical miles / h (7.4 km / h ). The Collins class has a 70-day continuous sea attachment, the maximum diving depth is announced as 200 meters. with Raytheon CCS MK2 combat management system (AN / BYG-1) .V Under this advanced electronic system helps the Collins submarine quickly discovered the target from the enemy, thereby launching an effective attack. The gas of the Collins submarine consists of 6 pipes 533 mm, carrying Heavy tortherle mixture Mark 48 Mod 7 CBASS and Rocket Anti-Cruise UGM-84C Harpoon
Underground Grade Collins is also rated as one of the electrical submarines - diesel capable of operating quite smoothly, even Not inferior to Russian kilo submarine. However, so if compared to the nuclear submarine, the electric submarine - diesel is completely, they are not suitable for fighting when confronting strong opponents, this is the key is the reason why Australia buys an atomic submarine of England-US. Other Collines submarines are also approaching the end of the life cycle, so Australia must quickly find alternative plans.

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