How Long Does Permission To Dance Launch, Bts Plans To Bring Up The Stage To Sing Live Right Next Week?

BTS will directly perform the song Permission to Dance for the first time next week in The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.Trong MV Permission to Dance just launched noon on July 9, the BTS group went to a SA Mac empty, where they are comfortable, freedom and start dancing: "I just want to jump / music take me away / nothing can stop how we move." Later, they sang the chorus filled with sublimation and joined the jar with a large number of dancers. It can be said that the BTS fans are very excited about the costume that their idol is wearing in the MV As is inspired by Western cowboy. Fans immediately start speculating that Permission to Dance special Live version of BTS will have very clear wild cowboys

.Permission to dance do Ed Sheeran co-composed, along with Steve Mac, collaboration Sheeran's regular tablet is Johnny McDaid and Jenna Andrews. The song was also introduced in the new version of the release of the English single in the top of the Butter chart of the group.BTS Prepare directly perform Permission to Dance for the first time in The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon next week
Seven members will appear in the late night chat program on July 13, 14, where they will perform Permission to Dance and Butter. Head this week, Butter has extended the championship position of the Hot Billboard chart 100 in the sixth week in a row. The song so far has spent its entire time on the ranking at the top of the table, since its launch on May 21. A other information, the South Korean group recently became a group K-pop music has the most hits in the top 10 in the UK. Butter, first appeared on the Kingdom's official singles rankings when standing in third place, is the top 10 third song of the group on the rankings, breaking a record of two songs by PSY Keep since 2013.Cao Phuong Nga - CTV

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