How Many Days ‘plow’ Need To Buy Iphone 13 Pro?

Apple launched the iPhone 13 Series a few days ago, about a week of products will officially come to the user's hand. This year, this product remains the price compared to the predecessor generation. So how many days do we need to buy iPhone 13 PRO? 0: 00/1: 22 NULTS FIRST FIRST PHONE INDEX 2021, High-income countries like Switzerland, USA, Australia do not come 1 week is to buy iPhone 13 Pro version 128 GB (cost 999 USD - about VND 22.8 million). In the opposite direction, Turkey, the Philippines or Brazil are countries that must be loss of many days to make a similar device (from 92

.5 - 79.2 days). Guess based on the average income salaries of each country in each country
Although there is no Vietnamese but we can base on this calculation to find out how long Vietnamese people need to buy 1 iPhone 13 Pro 128 GB.Theo latest data from the General Statistics Office, average income The month of wage workers in the first quarter of 2021 reached VND 7.2 million, it could be estimated to be estimated at the average number of days, while the price of the iPhone 13 Pro was not officially in Vietnam, it fell about 31 million VND. Calculated, we lose nearly 130 days to own the apple house. It should be noted that we must use the entire amount earned every month to own this latest iPhone. Ceiling (General)

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