How Much Do I Cost To Feed Cars In The Epidemic?

In the translation season, the amount of money I had to spend on the operation of the car is less than monthly car deposits. In the first half of July, I brought my first car to home in a happy and exciting feeling because about to get The trip on the "pet truck" was first. The joy has not been long, Ho Chi Minh City, where I live, making a way to relax according to the 16 instructions to prevent translation, I'll watch your go to the side. After a month of buying a car, the part Large time "my driver" is for lying in the beach. The cost for the vehicle in this distance phase will be? The cost of sending a car more than the amount of money must be spent on the car every month I divided into 2 parts: fixed and fluctuated

. Fixed costs include banks and banks installments, fluctuating costs include gasoline money, money toll collection stations, sending vehicles at supermarkets and commercial centers ..
Registration and maintenance costs Insurance ... I use a separate fund, so I don't count on the 2 parts of the fee. The cost of sending a car in the season is more than the money is more than the month I spend 1.6 million dong to pay the parking lot and about 6 million banks installed banks. Although using the car or not, I have to spend about 7.6 million VND for this fixed cost. For fluctuating costs, the stage of distance, so this money takes very little, not even worth it bag. Every week I use a 1-2 times a market, sometimes I run to solve personal problems, work
After a month of buying a car, Odo watches on the car have surpassed 500 km, of course Not the total distance I have moved during the instructions 16. Before you have a way of stretching, I have been running more than 200 km. With the average fuel consumption measured is 8.7 liters / 100 km I have poured nearly 950,000 petrol coins for a distance of 500 km moving. Due to moving only in Ho Chi Minh City inner, I don't lose charges through charging stations. The cost of sending a car when going to the supermarket costs about 100,000 VND / month.Vinfast Fadil costs nearly 950,000 VND after more than 500 km moving in the city. Summarizing a month using a car in the season, I have to spend nearly 9 million VND for Car deposit, fuel and bank debt repayment. If you buy a straight car and the house with a space to the car or find a cheaper sending ground, the amount of car farming will decrease quite a lot. Besides the above costs, the first month with the car from the showroom to my house also cost Not less for extra fittings on the car. The items I have installed include rain cover, scratch-resistant braces and luggage compartment lining, a total of about 2 million VND. NOTE when not using a car for a long time I only get a good market Jobs 1-2 times, 4-5 days The remaining car is allowed to stand in the yard. Do not use the car for a long time also makes the means easy to encounter such problems such as flasks, tire damage or biting insects. It is easy to encounter a lot of incidents related to batteries, Tires ... For battery condition, my car has a saving mode so every time you use the car I will enable this feature. If the car does not have a saving feature, users need to explode the car at least 1 time / week to charge the battery for the battery. In the absence of a car, the sound removal of the flask is also a worthwhile solution. The takeover of a vehicle to the saving regime or negative removal helps the amount of electricity in the battery is reduced very little . In return, the electrical system running the background like a clock or alarm will not be able to operate. The car is also easily cracked or cracked if parked for a long time. The car owner occasionally advanced or backwards to 4 tire surfaces that are changing the location of the road surface. Besides, tire pressure also needs to be concerned to increase tire life and ensure safety when circulating. Need to keep the driving compartment clean to limit insects to enter. Possible cars for long-term use is very easy to meet The situation of insects in the car, especially the mouse. There are many cases where the car cannot explode or the electrical system on the car is broken due to mouse bites. To limit mouse and insects, many car mechanics and experienced users often give advice to keep the car Clean from outside to inside the drive and the engine. Essential oils chasing mice, camphor or blades are also recommended for use.

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