How Much Does The Scalp?

About two months recently my head was very bucket. The first days I thought of the shampoo inappropriate. However, the situation is increasingly heavy, peeling into an array of 9: 00/1: 27 South regions, ask me how to do it, why is this bucket or mushroom? Looking forward to a counselor to is due to the replacement scalp layer cells and abnormalities, the cause is psoriasis, dermatitis, skin mushrooms, unused shampoo

... cause Causing dandruff may be due to greasy hypertension along with the presence of Malassezia Furfur yeast on the scalp with susric lots
Local geography of sweating, allergy to chemicals with hair care products, eating foods containing lots of sugar and yeast or stress lifestyle, stress also worse than dandruff. In addition, itchy scalp may be due to the pathology causing its head itching and flake scales such as psoriasis, dermatitis, scalp mushrooms. Dandruff status usually occurs when the scalp is dry, humidity decreases, due to care products Inappropriate hair, oral medicine, metabolic disorders or poor hygiene ... sometimes wearing helmets, hairpin, sport hats ... exposure causing extended buds. So first need to shampoo With natural methods such as bodhet shampoo with grapefruit, incense leaves
.. or can use bucket shampoo. Besides, it is necessary to limit too much hair care chemicals, constant too much shampoo. Avoid wearing a tight hat for a long time. Maintain diet nitrogen, vitamins and trace elements, avoid stress body, stress. The scalp case continues to be itching and peeling, you need to see a dermatologist to check and diagnose the cause.Bs Le Thanh

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