How Much Will The Euro 2020 Championship Receive Rewards?

EURO 2020 is about to end, but how many bonuses will earn a bonus from the tournament and what is your country intending to do with your booty? 0: 00/2: 19 Namhai British and Italian teams are waiting for Go to the Euro 2020 final. Photo: Reuters.Euro 2020 is important for the England team, the first team entered the final. The way to the finals of the team was relatively smooth. In it, Three Master was unbeaten throughout the group stage, winning twice and peaceed once before defeating Germany 2-0 in the first round of 1-8, defeating Ukraine 4-0 in the quarterfinals and passed Denmark with billion Number 2-1 in the semi-final

.UEFA revealed, if a team entered the finals that won every match in the tournament, including three rounds of groups will bring home 34 million euros (Euro 2016 this award Price of 27 million euros). Thus, the England will not receive the above amount by their draw in front of Scotland means that the reward is gone. However, the Italian team can still hit the "jackpot number" if it won the students of the coach Gareth Southgate
All 24 teams received a fee of 9.25 million euros when participating in the tournament. Plus, if there is a winning round, the team will receive 1.5 million euros and a draw of 750,000 euros. After the group stage, 2 million euros will be added to 16 teams in 1-8 rounds. Next, 8 teams entered the quarterfinals added 3.25 million euros. The reward when entering the semi-final will be added 5 million euros per team.UEFA also said that the European champion 2020 will receive 10 million euros, while the runner-up team will have to pay 7 million euros. The Euro 2020 championship team will receive a minimum bonus of 30
25 million Euro. The British team cave. Photo: Sputnik. British team said, they will give a large part of their bonuses for national health services (NHS), in line with the Charity Effort Commitment of football clubs The United Kingdom in the Pandemic Period. Before, Captain Liverpool, Jordan Henderson, opened a donation campaign and received 4.6 million euros for NHS. The British team made their intention in May Last year, when they shared the statement: "After positive discussions with FA, the England team is happy to confirm, a significant contribution from their international matches will be donated to the team NHS Together charity adopts initiative

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