How Smart People Deal With Difficulty People

Here's how to behave in accordance with the most difficult people that smart people do to 'live peacefully' with them. We don't live in a perfect world. There are people who make us crazy, and vice versa ourselves also make some crazy people. Compliance with those they don't like to try putting themselves in their position when they suffer from a unpleasant person, try putting themselves in their position. Maybe they are only uncomfortable because they are suffering from something

. Because of this evaluation go to them, try listening to them. If you have enough patience, chat and listen when they have less scowl Yes. If not, stop a little to listen to your intuition, and listen to what others talk about them
The term, your wife / husband or lover uncomfortable with you, but try listening to him, know Where he's like that is to be interested but it is afraid to choose how to make themselves as a child. pole. When you have better understanding about what they have experienced, you might not feel uncomfortable about them anymore. Don't think they are bad people, they are just uncomfortable. If you think those who are hard to calculate with you Bark people are probably unable to work in the service and communication industries. This world has a lot of people who are difficult but don't mean they are bad people, monsters or your hateful enemies, they are simply a difficult person. Difficulties are not bad people You eliminate negative thoughts and behave badly unnecessarily (to this level, you'll be a uncomfortable person), and try to find a way to behave suitable for them. How to think: "This person is bothered, frustrating!" And "she is only difficult to do, I just need to do my job well."; Do you see the difference? Don't react too quickly, show nine illustrations. Don't answer or respond immediately when the other person seems to be making it difficult for you, because the reaction is too fast in love This is usually negative response, even inappropriate retaliation
Static and silent helps you can evaluate others better, or at least to be more mature and generous. The more uncomfortable people will be even more uncomfortable when they have a harsh reaction, but they can become more pleasant with people who are mature and calm. This is not easy, but no one said as simple man. Easy. You can always hold a cord for every difficult situation, it is important to react and the ability to keep your calm in difficulties. Exposure to those who are difficult to get as uncomfortable as they are, if you keep reacting to a negative way. You certainly don't want to become a difficult person who is a difficult, so don't wild that road. "I always thank the uncomfortable people because they show me exactly what I don't want myself to become." None What precious more than the fun and happiness of yourself, don't because someone makes it difficult for you that you must also scow up all day, and don't see how to retaliate against them. Your best is to keep yourself comfortable, happy and not badly affected by them. Your life is yours, not theirs, please focus on yourself, don't let them pull you according to it whenever you should end to endure if you have a long-term relationship with difficult people ( As boss, colleagues, relatives or friends), there are two cases where you need to decide to end the relationship because it is simply that good for you. Tired and immersed in negative thoughts. The environment and a negative relationship do not help you both, stay away from those who make you think of deviation to not turn into people like them later. Second case, please end the relationship for things That's good for both you and the other person. Sometimes you are with a person because you think they need you and with that hard nature they will be bad without you beside. but you are wrong, when you accept the fruits of others , they will be that everything, they don't have to change, the mistake is still you and miserable. When you let go, they will learn that lesson from life, or maybe no, but you support a lot of lobes / education

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