How Steve Jobs Treats Apple Employees

Steve Jobs is famous as a leader with a vision before the age, taking talented talented businesses of the business and always appreciates the breakthrough ideas instance: 00/3: 24 south in a simulated income The problem of launching the book "In the company of Giants" in 1998, Steve Jobs shared that the best way to attract talents to the company is to create a truly competitive and attractive environment. . "After recruiting Grade A employees, you have to build an environment that makes people feel they are being surrounded by the actual talented person and doing great work. It is the best way to recruit the outstanding people, "Steve Jobs replied in the event in 1988. According to Inc

., co-founder Apple always knows what and his colleagues need to do to bring business development . Above all, he always sets out goals and creates a working environment to make people emulate. The staff is highly appreciated by the staff to manage smart and highly qualified employees
easily. Most of them hate to hear judgments and managers from the superiority.Steve Jobs thinks that the employee's capacity is the key to promoting breakthrough ideas. Photo: Inc, Steve Jobs anniversary of the staff's capacity is the only key for you to promote creativity. He said that managed by ranks only bring negative and sometimes makes the talented back with the business. According to Gallup's research, the common mistake of most businesses is the lack of communication . Managers must step out of the safety zone to provide oriented employees as well as promote them to work with the entire possibility of inherent. All employees in the enterprise all want to get publicity Receive from leaders after days and night dedication. So make them feel like they want to be developed and reached for new capabilities on the career path
God is responsible for businesses inc, good companies need to build mental workers ready Responsible for breakthrough ideas to profit and competition for businesses. If a company does not have new products, they will soon be excited by the market.Steve Jobs always knows how to open the potential in its employees. Photo: Pinterest. The world's leading businesses focus on maintaining corporate culture with a focus on promoting the innovation spirit internally. It must be the system to encourage employees to constantly think and act as an independent entrepreneur, allowing individuals to drastically act despite all risks. According to Steve Jobs, the style of managing decentralization from above Down in the direction of a one-way will collapse in the knowledge economy. The approach that Apple's co-founder is regularly used is awarded to employees who manage themselves. In the organizations with high working efficiency, leadership will always empower the capacity staff . The information shared publicly should minimize the number of management levels and people can use it to make the right decision quickly. Create a general and long-term vision one The worst thing makes the staff depressed and dismayed that the leader is unable to cohage people together. "Once they understand what to do, they will find a way to do them. What they need only is a common vision, "Steve Jobs shared.Steve Jobs said that long-term vision is a compulsory factor of a successful business. Photo: Business Insider.Theo co-founder Apple, talented leader must constantly seek a long-term vision, turn it into a goal for all employees to understand and agree with it. , that vision must be responded and supported from all people in the business. It must always follow the wishes and culture of the business. Since then, new breakthrough ideas appear and take businesses to reach developments such as expectation. After Steve Jobs takes 2011, many ideas said he was just a hot and regular hot person Look with employees. However, it is undeniable that he is one of the most outstanding leaders in the world and is the main source of inspiration to bring Apple to become a technology empire like today.Minh HoangTheo Inc.

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