How To Cook Delicious Pigeons, Replenish The Body

How to cook Burmese Delicious pigeons Nutritious to compensate the body is a way for you to show your interest for relatives for relatives.0: 00/2: 5 Southern men's days, indoor people are sick, or You are looking for a delicious dish for everyone in the weather to deliver this season, how to cook a sorry with a nutritious dove is the first choice. Because dove cooking is not very delicious but also extremely nutritious with soft bird meat, delicious fresh water thanks to pigeons and mushrooms. Try it. Data need to prepare: 2 Available dove birds50g Mushroom Mushroom Dried 300g vi dong2 atrial ear (cat mushroom) 150g Mushroom straw, smell, dried onions, pepper, oil illustration

. How to cook a dove: Step 1: Prepare the raw material to do and rinse it again clean. Then we use the scissors or cutting knife in the vertical bird. Next is the marinated bird with grain pepper Dried onion wedges were sliced
The blooming of cat mushrooms, mushrooms and vermicelli in the water then washed away. Then removed the root of cat mushrooms and threw the fiber, then we cut double if the big fungus, straw mushrooms Original, rinse with water then can cut it and eat and eat.Step 2: Stir-fry the boiled dove 1 tablespoon of cooking oil in the pan and put the purple onion into a non-aromatic onion. For pigeons who absorb spices into stir-fried Until the meat horrors, the mushroom of cat mushrooms into stir-fried with nine stir-fry 3: Cooking a teaspoon of 1 tablespoon of fish sauce island and then adding water to eat the lid and then boot up with the big fire until the water boils back, then we open the lid Out and cut foam Pouring away. For a small fire, Ninh adds about 20 minutes for a soft pigeon and pouring the straw mushrooms. Until nine mushrooms you have sorghum in the stewed pigeon. Returning and tasting for just eating is to turn off the kitchen. Burmese cooking the pigeon, adds onion on the above is able to enjoy. How to cook a delicious pigeon, nutritious for the body with these Burmese meat pigeons are mouthed, juicy and full of nutritious will help patients quickly recover their health. How to cook a dove that will replace your words to help you, is the best way for us to express your care with your relatives

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