How To Cook Simple Green Beans At Home

The millet seeds are cheap, eating very well, processing many items. In particular, green beans are favored by many people because they are easy to eat, delicious and nutritious. How to cook green beans are also quite simple, you can do it right at home in: 00/2: 06 nam1. Raw materials for green beans - green beans 400g-millet 400g - 200g alum sugar - Pineapple leaves 10 branches of green beans (photo: 2

. How to cook green beans Sock 1: Put green beans and particles on each individual, flooded and soaked for about 3 hours. Finished soak, pour millet and green beans out 2 baskets and rinse these two raw materials. Prevention 2: Wash the pineapple leaves and roll the roll
Then, let the pineapple leaves rinse into the pot with 600-700ml of water and boil. Next, remove the pineapple leaves and pour green beans soaked, heating on a small fire for about 20 minutes. Next, give the green beans and water in the pot into a blender and puree. Sceptional 3: Let the millet seeds have been soaked with 1 liter of water into a pot then boot up, just stir the milling Being sharp. Haming until the boiling pot rolls, pour the bowl of green beans that have pureed into the pot, turning down the fire and stiring about 30 seconds. Later, let the alum sugar into the pot, stir the tanning line and heat for about 1 minute, turn off the kitchen. NEWS 4: Scoop tea to a bowl or cup, wait for the tea to cool down or put it in the cooler Refrigerator 1-2 hours and then eat.The green beans eat with a baked cake is standard. (Photo: COOKY) 3. Some note how to cook green beans to have delicious green beans, when buying millet, it is recommended to choose unmarried granules and particles with even size
Avoid choosing millet or damaged landmarks. Should use green beans that have been shelled. The required green bean millet is required after completing the sweet taste of alum sugar, Bui Bui of green beans and plastic millet. This tea will be more delicious when eating with a multi cake. Taste the taste of family members that you give the amount of sugar to cook with green beans accordingly. If you like to eat cool bars, for less sugar, if you want a sweet tea, it is best for many sugars. If you don't eat it all right away, let the green beans enter the closure and put it in the refrigerator cooler 2-3 days. You can cook green beans successfully! Phuong Anh (General)

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