How To Help Blackpink Uk To Earn Tens Of Millions Of Dollars Within 5 Years?

Although he only debuted the 5-year Kpop entertainment village, but with his talent with his attraction, 'Thai dolls' owned tens of millions of dollars at the age of 24 made many idols in Ginseng origin Admire.Lisa is known as the richest member of the Blackpink Women's group. Photo: Allure.Mang here, Lisa - Kpop's youngest girl group - Blackpink included by Melon to the list of artists will release new music products in August. This demonstrates the sustainability of women Idol House YG After 5 years joining the entertainment industry, especially when Celebrity Net Worth Statistics Lisa is the idol of net assets of up to 10 million USD

. With this number, many people believe that Lisa is the city Blackpink's richest tablet. Because in addition to activities with the group, female singers born in 1997 took advantage of their popularity when becoming a face representing a lot of high-end brands .
. In addition, she also frequently contributed to Large fashion weeks as a fashion icon.Lisa is a famous member of Blackpink. Photo: Pixwox. Not only so "Thai dolls" are the most monitored Idol Kpop on Instagram with 57.5 million followers (as of the morning of August 20). Besides, Lisa also has its own YouTube channel - Lilifilm Official specializes in sharing dance videos. Established from the end of October 2018, so far, Lisa's YouTube channel has achieved 7.98 million subscribers, videos Her has a high number of viewers. Among them, Lili's Film

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