How To Help Yeji Keep Shape

Yeji was impressed by a slim shape, a waist. The female singer actively mobilized a diet plan to maintain a beautiful shape.02 / 2: 26 Nou southern southern side of the voice, Yeji was impressed by slender shape with slender waist, according to Kpopstarz.yeji shows off the slim waist on the stage. Photo: Yeji

.ltzy. The dance performance of the ITZY group is difficult and complicated. To implement dance dances and beautifully, in addition to jumping techniques as well as music, Yeji and other girls need to maintain slender, flexible shape
Yeji with dance team with duration 2 hours or more every day. The habit of practicing dance often helps female singer burns energy efficiently, controlling weight and anti-overweight. Before and after practicing dance, the ITZY team performs some certain exercises. They practice stretching movements for 15 minutes. Stretching has the effect of increasing the flexibility of joints and muscle tissue. From there, help the body's movements take place more favorablely. This provides useful effects for Yeji and other members when they have to practice difficult dance moves. KPopstarz estimates the energy level The ITZY girl needed to release when exercising about 800-1,000 calories.Yeji maintained a slim body thanks to the dance practice. Photo: Yeji
ltzy.theo Greatist, dance, dance training helps heart rate increase, causing the body to pour a lot of sweat and burn a lot of calories. To lose weight, we need to create a calories deficit. This means that the burning energy level is higher than consumption. If you combine dancing or other mobilized forms with a little calories diet, you will soon conquer the target to sign. ITZY members have shared with IU that they try to eat well, avoid removing Meals for many energy for their performance, according to Cosmopolitan.yeji Explain: "We like to eat delicious dishes. We realize that when we eat well, we will dance beautifully. Once, we Don't eat anything before performing, then can not concentrate on hungry. We realize it's too hard to perform songs without eating or drinking properly ". Itzy fans know that Yeji has a hobby with the dishes Snacks like biscuits, sweets. These are foods that can lead to weight gain if eaten a lot. However, Yeji still maintains a slender physique thanks to regular dance practice. In addition, she moved a lot to consume energy. In the morning, Yeji drank water or eat watermelons. She and ITZY members love beef. Yeji eat lunch with meat and three types of fever including mustard, mayonnaise sauce and bean sauce. The female singer likes to use dishes with fever. Yeji's favorite tree is watermelon. Occasionally, she chose watermelon as a snack during the day. The female singer's dinner is a nutritious salad. She served with some meat like chicken wings or chicken breast. What to quickly lose weight? Food selection properly helps you to complete the goal of losing weight.

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