How To Keep Your Love Love?

How will you do if your love has problems and difficulties? How to overcome the prevention of the lover's family to go to marriage? Or should it go to find a new happiness? 0: 00/3: 46 nam nuns repeated the first love after 9 years of separation and affection of the two sides remained in the first day, the girl thought it was number Run hazards, is that he will be charming for 2 people. Doubt that the situation faces the opposition of the boy's family with the reason for the two sides of the family. The girl doesn't know what to do to protect your love? Should I listen to your lover, "cooked rice" so that his family agrees? After broadcasting the story, the program "tell us" (VOV2) has received many hearing comments Fake and editor program also have couple of words with her: people who see life and love not through pink prisms, worry about the hardships you will have to face in the future when being used by family The lover protested. But someone wants 2 to continue fighting and don't give up to protect your love. Every idea has its own argument

. And the final decision maker can only be you. Because of happiness or suffering, happy or strenuous, only you are the one who is responsible for your decision. And there was one thing I and some listeners were freted, it was for 9 years, since the 2nd day you were forced to break up, why didn't you contact you even if you were in the same country? That's the question that you should find the answer
But I also want you to see the problem and the future of 2 people through another lirus, as no less opinions of the audience have come up. If it is possible to overcome family barriers and stick together, can you be happy when among the two spouses, between two families with great differences? Can you be happy if your parents don't change with you? It is practical, even harness, but can not be avoided and should be taken into account. And in the second choice, if accepting your hand and leaving, you will definitely suffer much, and no one can guarantee that, love really comes to us over 1 time in life? Of course , Love is not something for people to bring out measuring, counting. But when proceeding to marriage and building a new life, in addition to the "need" conditions is love out, 2 people cannot lack the conditions "Enough" to ensure maintaining and building a family home happy, friend. So I want 2 to sit back, confide and look at life, identify the future with both love and reason, so no matter how the final decision is to be prepared Be good and fulfill your intention. Mother's mother of your lover has their own recognition and reasoning. Because in their eyes, marriage is the cohesion between two people, two families with similar circumstances, not 2 hearts that share the beats and the coeence of two souls. Therefore, I think, if you decide to protect your love, this is the most important time for you to show your love, maturity and behavioral ability. Can now, you have no consensus of his family, but you have something very important, it is love. 2 The words sounding abstract and invisible, but it has extraordinary power that people can't know it all
Every day 2 try a bit. When you have to suffer stress and difficulties, obstacles in life, remember that it will make you become more stable, if you pass it. And so is the love too. It will be stronger, more stable, if passing the challenges, difficulties. And the right decision you have done and should be determined to come together, not leaking his parents So "was already". By maybe his parents will not accept or despise you. If you have agreed, you can't be happy, happiness when it is a forced approval. Moreover, doing so is that you push yourself in the "grasping the tongue", certainly the risk of huge and no one else, you are the only victim in this gamble. So, if love is big enough, try to wait, skillfully convince to gradually get 2 of them unanimously, agree to become your hundred years of happiness, you. Vov2

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