How To Lighten The Third Round Skin

Buttocks are dark, irregular color is the result of acne spots, fur inflammation. Skin care Round third help you add confidence every time to wear a bathette.0: 00/2: 33 Southern fields of dark spots, dull color not only appear on the face. They can happen in any position, even your third round, according to Healthline.da buttons also need to take care of not falling or darkening

. Photo: Getty. Why do you have dark skin? The skin becomes dark due to excess melanin, the sun, acne.da in the folds of buttocks, armpits, elbows, backs and knees with concentration High black cells
At the same time, these areas are also rubbed with clothes, leading to irritation and hyperpigmentation. Facials, buttocks are also vulnerable to acne. Mongs often appear inflammatory acne or status called feathers. Inflammation of hair folliculitis, inflammatory acne made of colored buttocks, creating bruises and causing the surface of the skin. Fur hair follicles are characterized by small notes with white heads around hair follicles or small red nodules. Stemming from wearing tight clothes, creating friction. The process of rubbing reputation often causes her skin irritated, unevenly colored. Crowded clothes with dirt, sweat, dead skin cells and bacteria on the skin. Wearing tight clothes for long, especially when exercising, your skin is easily irritated. Wet environment, combining sweat facilitates ideal for bacteria and mushrooms thrive
From there, causing feather cystic inflammation, pimples, itching or redness. Walking clothes combined sweat, causing butt skin susceptible to furulitis. Photo: Muscle

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