How To Make Delicious Green Beans

Green bean cake is a popular dish by the smooth blanket of cake shells combined with sweet green beans. How to make green beans are quite simple, you can make your family enjoy.Danh Section1. Raw materials for bumping bumping22. How to make green bean dumplings3

. Some notes when making green bean dumplings1. Dumplings of green bean dumpling Pa a noodle: 500g Green beans removed the shell: 200gmen bloom: 5g: 35g: 1/2 teaspoon yarn: 1 cup of white) 2. How to make green bean dumplingsStep 1: Give a little warm water into a small bowl, add enlargement and dissolve
Then, pour the flour into a large European and mix it with sugar and salt. Stere 2: Pour the blooming enamel in the flour mixture. Next, pour more fresh milk and use her hand to hand carefully for the powder to be smooth. If the stick is sticky, it is possible to add a little dry powder. Next, take a moist towel and cover the powder's face and leave for about 1 hour to let the powder blooming. President 3: Green beans bring clean and pour water into soak in about 2-3 hours . After that, put in the pot on the kitchen and boil. When beans are ripe, bring beans to crush smoothly. Next, North pan up the kitchen, for the green beans and coconut fibers, white sesame and 1 tablespoon of sugar on the steady of 3-5 minutes to blend the mixture. Next, the mixed circle into small and equal cake multipliers
Sprinkle a little flour on the tray of kneading dough to stick. After that, take the dough again and then cut it into small parts, evenly and roll out. Next, letting the green beans stumbled in the middle and continued to round up. Continuing to do so until the end of the powder and multiplication. Because of each dumpling in the steamed and steamed dumpling in a 30-minute period of time. Photo: 3. Some notes when making a green bean dumpling of green beans with the requirements must have a characteristic fragrant soft taste of cake shells, and inside is the moderate sweet green beans. To cover soft cake, not Gold and bitter, you have to incubate powder enough time to fermented powder. At the same time, the ratio of powder and yeast must be standard. Before steaming, you should spread a little cooking oil to steam without stool paper to linger under cakes. Pour a little vinegar water into the steamed water to the cake is white. In the time of steaming the cake, not opening the pot of the pot will make the cake flat. It should not be steamed for too long, because it will make the cake turn yellow, the cake face is wrinkled, not delicious. With the dumplings have not been steamed, can cover the cake with a food wrap, put in the cool fridge. This can preserve the cake for about 1 week. With the dumplings have been steamed: wrap the cake with a food-wrapped film, in the cooling compartment will preserve a week. If put into the stone compartment, preserve 2 weeks, when eating only need to defrost, steaming the cake is able to enjoy. His self-manual makes the delicious green beans with the whole family to enjoy the whole family.

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