How To Make Delicious Vegetarian Nem Crispy Crispy In July

Bnews would like to introduce how to make a simple and delicious vegetarian nem, crunchy in July 9: 00/1: 48nam namnem vegetarian is a "nail" dish in the vegetarian tray. Photo: Anh Nguyen / BNews / TTXVNNEM Vegetarian Fried is a popular dish by many people because of delicious and delicate taste made from fresh foods, fresh fruits and vegetables and typical spices of Vietnam, okay Roll in the multi-nem cake and crispy frying. This is also considered one of the "nails" in vegetarian trays. BNews asked to guide how to make a simple pole of delicious vegetarian nem crunchy for the full moon crawl. * Raw materials: Requires vegetables to be fresh: - Fiber-yarn fiber-haired car Western fiber-price-green beans soaked with dried shells, pepper, mushroom wedge seeds, vegetarian fish sauce-mushrooms, soft earrings Thai yarn, soft soaking soft cut 1

.5 cm-cooking oil- Multi-nem cake (Selecting Ha Tinh RAM shell will be crispy and better with vegetarian nem) * How to do: green beans. Photo: Anh Nguyen / BNews / TTXVN-Green beans are steamed on sticks for nine soft, sprinkled with a little salt for rich, adding 2-3 tablespoons of cooking oil when I ripened the aroma and helping the green beans not suffer Dry.-For ripe green beans into the mixing bowl, for spices including: vegetarian fish sauce, pepper, dry operation and mushroom wedge powder, atrial, incense mushroom, light squeezes for spices absorbably
Yarn, carrot yarn, afterlife onion to avoid drainage. - With some vegetarian families but still eat industrial eggs omicular (chicken without drums), you can mix eggs. 1 tablespoon coil back and bring frying flooded in cooking oil. With a delicious vegetarian nem, it should only roll less than conventional meat nem.Nem Vegetarian wants to be crispy, so fried 2 fire or after frying 1, it is possible for non-oil fryers (200 degrees Celsius 4 minutes, go to the nem's face and then add 4 minutes). Finished product: fried nem is yellow, crispy, fragrant, sweet and sweet fish sauce with a vegetarian fish sauce or simpler with sweet and sour chili dots . Eat with raw vegetables, pursy, coriander, kernel ./. Mr. Nguyen / BNews / TTXVN

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