How To Make Hot And Crispy Hot Chili Breads

Chili salt toast is a dish of many lovers by spicy, salty salty. How to make chili salt toast is quite simple. You can manually make chili salt toast to invite relatives, friends.0: 00/2: 22 namdanh domain1. Raw materials to toast of chili salt2

. How to make grilled chili salt 3. Some notes when making grilled chili salt1. Raw material toast of chili salt bread Bread: 5 pieces: 2 tablespoons Chain: 1 Plant tree: 100 Leaves: 30g of quail: 5 Treasures: 1
5 teaspoons of powder: 1.5 teaspoons: Half spoon Coffee Chili Mayonnaiset Chili: 2 tablespoons: 1 teaspoon of minced: 1 tablespoon Data toast of chili salt (Photo: 2. How to make grilled chili salt 1: Make the sauce 30g butter into a boiler and then give a minced garlic into a fragrant. Later, for the roads, salt, paprika, chili sauce, Sadness and mixed up to see a slightly sloken sauce, turn off the kitchen. Because of the oil 2: Make grease with oil to eat into a pan, hot oil, for chopped onions into the. Onions bring pick up and wash, use a small cutting knife. For cooking oil and 70g of butter in the pan, wait for the butter to flow, let the onions come in, africa and then pour out the cup. Spread butter, onion flowing to the sides of the bread. Next, spread the mixture of the sauce on the bread
For an oven at a temperature of 150 degrees C in 14-15 minutes. If you use a coal oven, grill until the gold is all 2 sides, it is very crispy and delicious hot chili (Photo: Step 4: Enjoy grilled bread into a piece of food Add cotton scrub, sausage, fat onions, mayonnaise sauce, chili sauce and enjoy.3. Some note when making grilled chili salt bread toast of chili salt originated from An Giang province. In the last few years, chili salt bread causes fever because this is a delicious, strange and very rich food attracting gourmet assembly. Crispy chili bread fragrant smell of avocado with spicy taste of chili sauce, sadness and mayonnaise fat, served with sausage and fragrant cotton scrub. Mine, chili salt toast can also be accompanied with cheese, shrimp, pate, ... Enjoy salt toast of chili salt as soon as I still have a simple way to make chili toast On, you will make the loaches delicious to invite everyone to enjoy it. Wish you success! Phuong Anh (General)

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