How To Make Lovely Apple Cakes, Delicious Warm Christmas

These beautiful apple cakes, you can fully do yourself at home to pick up a warm Christmas.0: 00/3: 10 Nou Nam You Phan Anh Esheep Real name is Phan Ngoc Anh, Admin Group specializes in Cuisine with the name "Love Kitchen" shared the formula for baked apple cakes to celebrate Christmas was accepted. Learn English, to make this cake without a complex cake or tool, The material is also extremely simple, can be done with oven or non-oil fryer. "The red apple cakes carry the smell of winter. Butter smell, smell of powder, smell of cinnamon, smell of apple fragrant

. Winter warm, the smell of a Christmas Sum. The smell of smell warmly made me love the apple pie batches. Year, to this delicious apple season, my house is also filled with delicious dishes from apple ", Food -Blogger Famous Share
Refer to the formula to make a baked apple cake for Christmas this year! Raw materials for a batch of 6 pieces of apple cakes: 500g of thousands of rolling rolls. Leave the room temperature before making 1-2 hours. Pieces of apple rim cinnamon: - 1 tablespoon of golden lemon juice / lemon casual - 2 tablespoons brown sugar - 1 tablespoon cinnamon powder - 2 apple gala washington- 10ml wine rum spread cake: - 2 tablespoons jam apple- 3 tablespoons of apple juice after rim- 1 chicken egg yolk - 1 tablespoon of milk mail made a batch of 6 cakes just 2 apples are enough. Gala round gala round shape, golden red reclining is the most suitable to do this cake type. Cut apple and rim apple-tonic apple do 4 parts, remove 2 heads and fruit core.- Cut thin slices 2-3mm, Cut gradually, so that the last small slices gradually go. This is very important to follow the apple decoration on the cake so that the slices of the dome simulate the apple on the cake without being messy. Every piece cut that sliced into a small pot. The boss finished the apple in the pot, you in turn sprinkled the remaining materials of the apple rim into the pot.When Rim Apple, you are absolutely not island
You need to have a thick enough pot, keep the heat well. Just like that in 8-12 minutes depending on the hardness of the apple and the taste you want to be ripe or crispy. Don't worry about the raw materials that are not absorbed or nine. Raw so in half an hour. Apple will soak the taste. Rim apple after 30 minutes, you tilt the pot, sprinkle the apple on the above pieces. In that moment, use a table drawing, drawing apple pictures as on top of mica in ( Note the size of the apple will be bigger than the gala apple you used about 1cm). Using the cutter is the mold to make this cake. Alternately clean the pen, keep the mold clean to put on the powder. cake-powder cake has enough rest at room temperature. It will harden to help you pick up easily. At this time, remove the mold from the powder. - Similarly, stick the powder of apple stalks and leaves into the apple powder, remember to stick tightly and close the leaves into the fruit to make a baked baked with the cake. Pointed toothpicks pressed into the powder, drawing by pulling light to the toothpick to create a leaf tendon. The top apple powder. Navigate the top of the fingertips for the apple, so that it is very thick to create a concave in the middle, leaving the esson rim thick about 1cm . Use a mild disc on the concave. The turn to do until the end of the tray of the powder. Pretty apple jam is ready to mix well with the apple juice and this mixture of this mixture to the whole face, both stalks and leaves. Gently took out each piece of apple (each part is 1/4 apple) with the pieces that have been crowned from big to small. Now it is just a big apple, then smaller into the middle of it to shape the arch Simulate a fresh apple. Even 1 egg yolk with 2 tablespoons of fresh milk, then use a broom to the edge of the flour, do not spread it to the apple. thermostat. This cake is so hot enough for the cake in the cake. Reduce the oven to 195 degrees C.che apples into baked 15p is the great apple and beautiful apple.

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