How To Make Vegetarian Rolls For Vu Lan Holidays

How to make a vegetarian spring roll - Familiar dish on the Festival of the full moon day in July - Pretty simple. Vegetarian rolls with Thanh protein vegetables are usually present in the chassis in July to offer Vu Lan Commune crimes. How to make vegetarian spray rolls are not complicated, very easy to implement. Raw materials for spring rolls 50 grams of vegetarian silk, coupling trunk, white radish, minced garlic coated nem taste: seasoning seeds, MSG , chili sauce (samples), cooking oil. The vegetarian spring rolls are very simple, you can do to offer the full moon day in July 7

.Chang as a vegetarian spring, the body cauliflower, the roast, peeling (scrap) shells. Along with vegetarian silk rolls, you're fiber all ingredients. If you like, it is possible to add Thai cat mushrooms and sorghums
The pan on the kitchen, heating the oil, a non-aromatic garlic and for the raw materials of Thai yarn into the island, wedge 1 teaspoon seasoning seeds, stir-fry until the The ripe raw material is turned off in the kitchen. Retarded the wheels or trays, for vegetables and stir-fry into the edge of the rice paper and roll the light. After the book is done, you sweep a layer of edible oil on the surface to shape the cake and when frying will not be sticking to the pan. The pan on the kitchen, heating the oil, waiting for the old hot oil, let each piece roll , medium heat, sometimes flipping 2 sides until the rolls rolled yellow, golden is satisfactory. Grading to drain oil and gave the disc enjoyment. How to make a vegetarian bean sausage rolling green beans1 Green beans with green beans, 50 gr taro, 5 gr potatoes cassava, carrots, mushrooms1 Package of small ships Taste: MSG, Pepper, Pepper, Road, Oil of cooking green beans. The green beans. Clean, soak for about 15 minutes and then remove it, drain. For green beans with whole shells, take soaked with cold water then coffee, steamed. And with the type of green beans, the shells only need to be steamed and staggered
Cat mushrooms soak with warm water about 15-30 minutes, then cut off the roots and also Thai fibers. Soaked ship noodle and then cut short. White tofu also takes fraggance. For cassava tubers, potatoes, sweet potatoes, taro, carrots, cat mushrooms into a large bowl, seasoning with 1 tablespoon, 1 tablespoon vegetarian seasoning seeds, 1 little vegetarian fish sauce ( If yes) and 1/2 teaspoon of pepper, mix well. Before the roller, it is necessary to stabilize the raw materials because the fruits are quite ripe if only fried through, so you need to prepare in advance so that when the sheep will be ripinated in the tray or one The cutting board was flat, then the multiplication stired into the edge of the rice paper and rolled softly. After the roll is done, you sweep a layer of edible oil to durable to shape the cake and when frying will not be sticking to the pan. The pan on the kitchen, for the oil to eat into a pan and wait for the oil to be old (note the right oil Flooding when placed in a pan). When oil boils, you drop spring rolls and fry. When frying is all face to ripe and gold. Grading to drain oil and gave it to the disk enjoyment. Put the spring rolls for a mixture of 3 tablespoons of vegetarian fish sauce, 2 tablespoons of sugar and 2 tablespoons of water filtering into the pot, put on a slightly slightly stove, turn off the kitchen. Let the fish sauce cool and then give a minced garlic, chili chip. If you want, you can add a little hashed carrots for beautiful eyes. Add a spoon of lemon juice to create slightly sour taste for sauce.

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