How To Master Emotions?

According to Buddhism, to master emotions need to train and deleciate by practicing meditation.: I am a sensitive person, or thinking, hatching and very easy to fall tears. Just someone recalls the sad things I have just experienced or asked the things I'm repressed to cry. I really don't want to cry in front of everyone. According to Buddhism, how do I practice to be able to master your feelings? (Yen Yen, yenanh

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com) illustration. Illustration. Dear Yen Yen! Do not master being touched, Turning uncontrolled crying is the expression of emotional disorder syndrome. Today's medicine has the Department of Psychology Specializing in these emotional disorders. In the physical and spiritual therapies of modern medicine used to adjust emotional disorders, notice there is a loss of a metabolic therapy and therapy of Buddhism. Buddhism, to Most emotional needs to train and delecivate by practicing meditation. Simple is practicing meditation to focus on the breath into the breath (inhaling - exhalation of counting 1 ... Continue to count 10 and turn Re-count 1
.. until 10). The focus on the breath will make the mind pure, less dispersed, easily identifiable emotions (formation, development, weakness, dissipation) to be able to control emotions better. Can Practice mindfulness meditation, pay attention to monitoring the breath in, awareness to clearly see changes in the mind, identifying all the fifth emotions without reaction or judgment. Thanks to mindfulness, we can accept the transformations, enhance the autonomy to overcome the sensitivity and emotion of themselves. Importing positive thinking, awareness issues in optimism will cause Give your mind less gloomy. Boldly speak things that are not compatible in the heart. When a part of a sorrowful, frustrating, dissatisfaction (tolerated), the mind will be strong, tougher, stable. Practicing meditation by forgiveness for those who have suffering. May you forgive me when I used to suffer them. Do you also forgive your own mistake and volunteer to live noble, clean. The meditation practice will help insert less torment, thus minimizing and restraining strong emotions. Eve of the word, spreading the vast love to everyone, every species wide throughout the ten directions. The mind from once raised, the nourishment will bring an happy, happy, peaceful, in mind, so that the owner is emotional. Thinking, emotional disorders when determined to be disease Then first need to be treated according to medicine. Then combine properly, suitable for Buddhist meditation to improve therapeutic effectiveness. Buddhist meditation has the main function of being successful, wisdom and liberation. In addition, meditation has the effect of healing diashrions caused by psychological lesions. Therefore, when applying meditation to support therapy some psychological syndrome, patients need to comply with the regimen of the same indications, supervision and adjustment of professionals. ( according to Enlightenment

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