How To Overcome ‘drop Network’ When Teaching And Studying Online?

Online teaching and learning process, many teachers, parents reflect the status of malfunctions due to poor transmission signals interrupting school hours. Studying 2021 - 2022 only takes place 1 week, but according to notes In Hanoi, the process of teaching and learning online still reveals difficulties, including objective causes of signals and transmission lines to "drops", interrupting lessons that make both teachers and students "Low honay". According to the sharing of some common teachers, online learning is the most suitable solution in the current context, but the lessons are not effective compared to the difficult learning due to difficulties Towels about technology infrastructure plus self-study sense of students is not good. After learning online in the previous school years, the current students were also depressed with dry, poorly interactive, tired lessons when they had to bury electronic devices .

.. feel depressed when Your children's classes are constantly interrupted because they are released due to transmission errors, software .
. Ms. Thanh Huong (Hoang Mai District, Hanoi) said: "Every month, a few hundred thousand Internet money, so school hours Your child is constantly malfunctioning. At school hours, family none into any device connected to the internet to ensure your child, but monitoring 2 children to study for a while, calling it off Classes. Not to mention, teachers are also interrupted by the signal because the transmission, free software should not guarantee quality ". Online learning is interrupted by unstable transmission signals. Artwork: Q.Ac Technology experts said, now the Internet is flickering, which can come from many reasons such as a low-speed package while families re-use many devices together a time. The quality of wifi transmitters is not good or the location of WiFi device is too far from the place of learning, working .
. Share on tips to help stabilize the signal, Mr. Luu Tien Huy - Enthusiasts and work in The technology field in Hanoi shared: "Parents choose a place to study near the WiFi Department for a stable transmission line, not in the way too far from the Bureau of this signal. should limit the use of devices at a time. Can register for lift package, 4G high speed for child studies, but this plan is quite expensive, so parents can note. "The solution to improve the quality of Internet connection, to study online fruits, Prof. Dr. Pham Tat Dong - Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Study Encouragement Association said that in the context of students who lack online learning equipment, many weak waves, the speed of inertet transmission is slow ... need to increase walls Performing broadcasting programs on television, this solution is also quite effective because students who study on television are also less tired than learning on phones, lap TOP.Preying difficulties in online teaching and learning process in the area, Department of TT

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