How To Pay Loan On Time When Stretching?

In the context of extending social entrance in many localities across the country, banks encourage customers to use online payment channels in transactions including transfer, send online savings and bank loan payment. 0: 00/1: 18nam southern many customers said to switch to the bank's online service to pay loans, pay credit card interest or send online savings instead of banking branches. Currently, the majority of banks are free from internal network transfer, online payment ..

. also encourage users to trade online. Customers can sit at home loan payment online: Le Giang Vietnam Maritime Commercial Joint Stock Company (MSB), both individuals and businesses can pay interest in the form of automatic deduction. Specifically, customers can choose a debt repayment date in accordance with the date of paying or collecting money from business to pay a monthly monthly loan without having to go to the transaction office or complex payment operation
Customers will monitor the announcement of the repayment of the term via SMS or on the Mobile Banking application, maintain the balance on a full payment account to automatically extract the originals, interest and fees (if any) At the delivery date of payment. Many borrowers buy houses at the bank to choose to select the automatic loan payment feature since the Covid-19 translation, the bank will automatically extract in the account of Customers on a fixed day at the end of the month or early each month to minuse the principality and interest of the loan. If the balance in the account is not enough, the borrower can transfer online from another account without going to the street, to the bank branch.T.Phuong

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