How To Prevent And Take Care Of Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin often has a clear identity sign, but sometimes confused is allergic. The following discovers the signs and ways to take care of sensitive skin. Recognizing sensitive skin sensitive skin often appears redness. Photo: Internet If your skin is dry, peeling or irritation recently, it is likely that it is a sign that your skin has sensitive skin. But you don't need to be too concerned because the proportion of people with sensitive skin is quite high

. Refer to the popular signs of the following sensitive skin: The first sign: The skin usually appears in the red or rash. Maybe your face usually turns red after washing your face or when you encounter a cold wind, the red flushing trend of the skin is a sign that the skin protection function has been hurt. Besides, it can also be a symptom of Rosacea disease (red acne)
This is a skin disease, often appearing red trains in the face (nose, forehead, chin) because small blood vessels in these areas are expanded. It is easy to see right under the skin that will appear small blood vessels called vasodilation. If you suspect Rosacea, see a doctor for advice on reasonable treatment measures. Second Brand: Skin care and cosmetic products often cause your skin to feel burning. Cosmetics have as many components, the ability to create sensitive reactions of the skin appear higher. Because, the barrier to protect the skin in people with sensitive skin is often thinner, so the mixture of aromatherapy and active ingredients can penetrate the skin easier, causing pain and burns. Brand Third: You are often itchy. The skin protection layer does not work properly not only allows stimulants to penetrate into but also allow water to escape. This leads to dry skin and causes itching. Wednesday: The skin is often peeled
The difficulty of sensitive skin in maintaining and adjusting the moisture content of the skin will broke out the peeling on the skin. Often the cause is due to the abuse of chemical exfoliating products such as retinoids and glycolic acids or using granular deterages that have accidentally eliminated the skin's horns. Simple solution to overcome this is to reduce the frequency of using those products. Fifth Brand: The skin is aging often tends to become sensitive because the skin protection membrane is weakened. And effective skin care effectively reduces skin sensitivity through everyday habits. Photo: Internet via daily lifestyle: a scientific and healthy diet rich in antioxidants such as A, C, E and natural vegetable oils or fish oil and only eat reasonable fats can Help skin restore healthy condition. Don't forget to drink full water every day. Stress control also plays an important role in the problem reducing the skin's sensitivity, regularly exercise and incorporate modulation rest. Select products with active ingredients: components This is available in skin care products, so it is easy to use them to clean and moisturize skin regularly, to be able to protect the skin. The skin care products have active ingredients. Photo: Internetexpanthenol is a derivative of vitamin B, which helps reduce the dehydration between epidermis through stimulating the process of self-financing and skin refreshing. It promotes the skin regeneration process and as a natural protection function of strong skin, keeping skin healthy and good elasticity.Glycerin helps maintain moisture for skin by acting as a humidifier, yes That means they will attract and keep water molecules.Ph5 Citrate Buffer, the substance to restore natural pH on the skin allows the skin's enzymes to work back to normal, maintain moisture and increase the resistance of Leather for irritants. According to Hoang Yen / VietQ

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