How To “release The Sun ‘at Home For Tanned Hands

When you find your hands with sunburn, you need to apply some of the following measures to recover and soothe your tan skin area.0: 00/2: 10 South Summer, hot not only Make our body dehydration but also make our skin dull and dry. UV rays are created from the sun making the skin tanned. It is known that tanned can increase the risk of premature aging. Not only the face that our hands have to be affected by the maximum sunlight and it is difficult to protect the skin from the toxic rays

. Here are some tips that can cure your sunburned skin at home. Make yogurt and turmeric - take a bowl of yogurt and add 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder. Mix them together and apply the mixture to your tanned hand
Leave about 20 minutes and rinse with clean water. - Effect: Yogurt contains bacteria to brighten and moisturize the skin, meanwhile, technology helps improve irregular skin color. Lemon-way: Standard Being a warm lemon juice bowl and soaked your tanned hand in which about 15 minutes. Wash your hands with cold water and make sure you moisturize your skin after washing your hands because acidic juice can make your skin dry. - Effect: Vitamin C in lemon juice protects skin cells from UV rays .A Hall - How to do: Soak 5 to 6 almonds overnight. Grind almonds with a small amount of milk to form a mixture. Mix this mix up and leave overnight and rinse with clean water. - Effect: Almonds are rich in vitamins to protect skin and improve skin health. Sandalwood and turmeric - How to do it: Take 2 Coffee powder sandalwood powder and turmeric powder mixed well
Add 2 to 3 drops of rose water and mix them together to form a solid mixture. Make this mixture on your hands and leave for 30 minutes. Rinse with clean water .- Effect: This mixture will help improve the skin and treat damaged skin areas. Lottery - How to do a little gel in the plastic leaf of aloe vera and apply it hand. Leave overnight and rinse with clean water in the morning.- Effect: Antioxidants in aloe vera help protect our skin cells from damage and help remove skin rats. Puree- How to do: Prepare a little cucumber is pureed and add a few drops of lemon juice into it. Mix this mixture on your hand and leave for 30 minutes before washing. - Effect: Cucumber is rich in vitamins that can recreate your skin and help regain lost brightness ./. CTV Luong Tram / VOV.VN (translation) According to Times of India

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