How To Respond To Dry Skin At Home?

Dry skin is a skin type that accounts for lower rates in skin types. However, the mixed leather group also has the properties of dry skin and dry skin also shifted the skin to a sensitive group. When dry skin will cause cracking, peeling ..

. therefore need to take the legal measures to treat this situation.0: 00/3: 34 namda domain drys? Why? Dry skin can be due to groups Causes: the External side factor causes dried skin Conditions of harsh weather, hot air, cold and dryness. Seasonal climate change often symptoms of dry skin will be more serious in both winter or summer
grim - one but the cause of dried skin despite summer or winter. Sunny, ultraviolet rays (UV) strong operation can increase the speed of skin aging and skin easier to be dry when there is age. Skin care is not properly, such as: Facial cleaning or hot water bathing too long will lose the lipid layer to create a skin protection barrier.Do inappropriate skin care routine: use care products The skin is not for dry skin type. Especially, strong soap types lose the natural lipids of skin.Do use drugs: some drugs and treatments (such as radiotherapy, dialysis or chemotherapy) causing side effects is dry skin . Blood pressure control drugs, called diuretics, also cause this situation. Which therapy is dry? The top goal of dry skin treatment is moisturizing skin, helping skin smooth, no peeling, cracking . Which must take the steps: Cleaning steps with facial cleanser: Dry skin usually has a problem of lipid protection, so the cleaning products need to be a luminous product line, not soap, neutral pH 5.5 -6
5. It is best to choose the product without aromatherapy and preservatives. If the skin condition is attached to the itch symptoms, some cleansers have ceramide, lipid, fatty acids ... can support the better skin to select the Moisturizing products to treat suitable dry skin. Moisturizing steps: The most important step in caring for dry skin is moisturizing, to create artificial moisture protection membrane and supplement moisturizing ingredients Dry skin defects. Should choose cream products for dry skin, containing a few of the following components: Ceramide: is natural fat in the skin and is duty to create a link between skin cells to reduce the loading Steam water molecules.Glycerin: Helps absorb water from the external environment or from the subcutaneous layer, helping the skin moist enough. This is the most common component in moisturizing products.Hyaluronic Acid: This is the ingredient available in the substrate of the skin, but for dry skin, the number may be less. Therefore, it is possible to use this type of moisturizing to supplement moisture to your skin. Squalene: This is an oil component that can be found in the skin due to the excretory operation of the oily service to help create a surface link Face keeps moisture. Therefore in dry skin with low excretion, the use of additional products to enhance moisture protection bonding membranes is needed.urea: With a heavy dry condition, ice cream contains urea can be choice Choose for you. It will help eliminate crude scales and simultaneously dehumidify from external environments and from the skin to help the skin keep enough moisture. Acid: This is a substance of alpha hydrocid acid, commonly used to erase Cell dead. However, this is one of the substances that belong to the natural moisture level factors that have almost urea. And even though dry skin, the moisture level should still choose products that do not create acne or do not turn off pores . After using moisturizing and still seeing dried peeling, it is possible to use additional moisture-level products such as: toner, mineral spray, serum containing components such as Ha, Panthenol, Vitamin E, B3, B5 ... Sunscreen steps: with dry skin, so choose cream-based sunscreen rather than gel or lotion. Select sunscreen for dry skin and have moisture-level components such as hyaluronic acid and ceramides. Absolutely should not use alcohol or paraben sunscreen. That can make skin dry skin worse.

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